52 Ways To Get Organized For The New Year

Get Organized This Year

If you’re a person who loves ‘signs’, then this is it!

Our 52 Organizing Missions program is ready and waiting for you to start January 1.

Join the community and have a happy and organized new year!

Thanks for making this simple! There are plenty of these type of plans out there but I needed KISS, Keep It Simple, Sweetie. The best part for me was “Move fast. Don’t over-think.” That’s me in a nutshell; dwell, dwell, dwell. I am very fond of gentle nudges and yours are the best! Glenna

I love YOU, Michele–for guiding me through this process! I have also enjoyed the comments and processes of the other folks–some of their ideas prompted me to make some changes in my processes. THANKS! I will be doing other challenges. Ann

This is awesome! I can’t put it down. Just what I needed! Keep up the good work! Ruth

52 Organizing Missions

52 Organizing Missions is perfect for:

  • People who have fought clutter for years and want to finally get rid of it
  • Busy people who want to declutter, simplify, and organize their homes fast
  • People who want a more organized home, life, and schedule without the stress.

Get all the details right here.


Kylie Browne

Kylie is our friendly Community Manager. Organizing advocate. 80s music fan. Busy Mom. Amateur over thinker. Thrives on coffee and chocolate.

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