Organizing gift wrapping

6 Ways To Organize Your Gift-Wrapping

The season of gift-wrapping and never-ending presents is upon us!

Can you handle the fuss and the last minute rush to buy and wrap gifts?

Being organized will help you survive and avoid stress. Try some of our organizing tricks that will keep you sane and happy.

6 Ways To Set Up A Gift-Wrap Center

1. Cupboard

Organise your supplies in one cabinet or cupboard. Neatly stack the supplies in containers grouped by type, fitted neatly into the allocated space.

Storing Gift Wrap

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2. Basket

For a more mobile gift-wrapping centre you can organize a basket/caddy. Fill it with paper, scissors, ribbons and cards and tapes. Carry them to your working table and store away after the task is done.


Organize Gift Wrap Basket

Image: Pinterest


3. Pegboard

For a super-organized look you can create a pegboard.

Hang the pegboard above your working table. This way you’ll get to choose the supplies, work on your task and put it back.

Organize Wrap Peg Board

Image: Pinterest


4. Plastic Tubs

Plastic tubs are a great way to store gift wrap supplies.

Sizes vary to suit all kinds of spaces, they can be cleared or colored, and some have lids that allow a number of tubs to be stacked neatly.

Gather them under a table. Store them in a cupboard. Stack them in the corner of a room and cover them.

Organize Gift Wrap Plastic Container

Image: Pinterest


5. Drawers

This handy little mobile drawers idea is perfect for people who frequently utilize a gift-wrap center.

Available in stores, they are typically sold as office organizers and you can choose the small ones with three to four drawers.

Organize supply by type in every drawer and label them.

Organize Gift Wrap Drawers

Image: Pinterest


6. Rack

Hang a rack behind a cabinet or closet door for supplies that look neat & tidy & out of sight.

You can hang plastic pockets, or add shelving depending on what suits you best.

Remember to make sure the rack won’t stop the door from closing tight.

Organize Gift Wrap in Door rack

Image: Pinterest


My Final Tip

When planning your wrapping tasks, do it in one place.

Have all materials at hand, so you can finish in one go, uninterrupted!

Setting yourself up with an efficient wrap-center will make the task more productive and increase your happiness!

Got a tip? Please share your best method for keeping your gift-wrap organized and efficient!

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