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How To Get Organized For a Happy School Day

In Australia, our school year is coming to an end. Six glorious weeks of school holidays lay ahead. No strict routines. No school lunches. No homework. I’m just as excited as the kids!

Our readers in the US & UK are about to head into the Christmas/holiday break, after having a few weeks into the new school year. How are our Moms and Dad’s faring? Is everything running smoothly or can things be tweaked to help run your mornings more efficiently with the kids?

As parents we’ve all been subjected to manic mornings some (most?) school days while you have to deal with the grumpy, tired kids. It’s like a race against the clock, trying to get everything done so you can safely get them off to school before you start your day. 

Parents all over the world are in the same boat. So all hail to these supermoms and superdads who can juggle a multitude of chores at a time every school day mornings. (Let’s take a minute to appreciate that!)

Last minute preparations and the stress that accompanies a chaotic morning can be toxic in the long run.

Trying to juggle several tasks every morning for the kids before they get to the school gate may not only take a toll on you but may also result to tasks hastily done. Have you ever forgotten to add items to the lunch box, or to give the child money for a lunch order, or send the kids off with unironed uniforms?

There’s a plethora of “forgotten” things you could do, simply because of the speed with which time goes in the morning and the number of things that need/should/must be done!

We can turn this manic happening on its head with one word: Organised!

Organising “stuffs and things” before they escalate into an obstable can make every school day a happy and stress free day. But how?

Top 7 Tips For An Organized School Day

1. Do The Shopping!    

Make sure you have everything you need for breakfast and lunch boxes in the cupboard and refrigerator in order to have a smooth run in the morning.

A small stockpile of favourite items can be all that it takes to ensure everyone gets a good start to the day.

2. Set Bedtime

There’s nothing worse than having to wake the kids up to get them to school.

A reasonable, age-appropriate bedtime will allow them to wake up to their own accord.

Maybe even have time to make their bed and tidy their room. Bonus!

Yay to no more grumpy heads.

3. Set Out Breakfast Items The Night Before

Set out the plates and cutlery.

Set out the cereals, condiments and spreads that don’t need to be refrigerated.

Prepare any hot meals for cooking & store in the fridge so you’re ready to go.

Do the menu planning prior to you’re not left without milk, juice, their favorite breakfast food.

4. Prepare Clothes Prior

Make sure clothes are ironed (if needed) the night before.

If the child is little, hang their clothes where they can reach them, or lay them out somewhere.

Give the kids the autonomy to dress themselves, even the little ones. It all takes practice and it won’t be long before they get it right.

This includes shoes. Oh my, putting your shoes on used to be such a drama at our place. I now make sure I factor in enough time for shoes to be on with shoelaces tied instead of having a last minute stress to get out the door.

5. Determine Key Time Markers

Write or print a schedule of timings for the kids to follow.

Pinpoint key times every morning where some tasks need to be already done.

For example; 7:20 brushing of teeth should take place or should have already be done.

6. Group Help Clean Up

Get the children to put their dishes in the dishwasher or in the sink. 

Better still, teach the children to set the dishwasher when they see it’s full.

7. Help Children Pack Bags

Get the kids to pack their bags the night before.

Include everything thy need for the next day so all that’s left to do in the morning is add their lunchbox and drink bottle.

If done right, the virtue of being organised stays with the kids. Once it becomes a routine, there’ll be less and eventually no manic mornings anymore for you and your kids.

Share your best tips for an organized school morning!

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