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6 Tips To Stay Sane and Organized When Studying – With Free Activity Planner

Even the most studious students have lazy moments. Today we’re going to talk about how to keep the fire burning, stay sane and organized when studying.

6 Tips To Stay Sane and Organized When Studying

1. Use Scheduling and A Calendar

Scheduling is your best friend when studying.

List down the things or subjects that you need to read and study and allocate time to them during the day.

For example, you may want to allocate time depending on the difficulty of the subject. For some starting with easy subjects helps them progress to harder subjects throughout the day. Mostly this strategy is good for people who feel too drained after tackling hard subjects first.

You will find success if you follow a schedule.  For weekly and monthly study related activities, note them down on a calendar so you can make sure you are allocating enough time to each subject.

See our FREE worksheet at the end of this post to help you get started.

2. Set Goals

Setting goals will motivate you and lead to a higher rate of success.

Small goals might be something like following your schedule, achieving the allocated goals and having a little reward at the end of the day. 

A bigger goal would be passing that subject. Or graduating. 

Having a mix of small and big goals will help you to keep your focus and inspire you to persevere on days when you are less motivated.

3. Study Regularly

Sounds horrible, doesn’t it. However, studying regularly will help you establish a routine.

Once the routine is in place, you start to forget the drudgery of trying to begin (it’s such hard work to get motivated some days!).  Instead you’ll see it as a part of your daily grind. No more cramming … ever again!

4. Balance Your Lifestyle

Include recreational activities in your planning.

No-one wants to limit their time to study, sleep and eat. Have fun in the middle!

Balancing your life will give you time to breathe and not look at school as a constricting factor in your life.

5. Find Inspiration

Think about what inspires you.  The aim to keep motivation and stay focused. Here are some ideas:

  • a cute notebook, hello kitty!
  • a Pokemon themed study table
  • a garden themed calendar
  • playing music in the background
  • finding a study buddy who motivates you
  • scented candles
  • a good night’s sleep (oh, yes please)
  • low GI foods to keep you sustained for longer
  • good snacks to much on (berries, nuts, fruit).

Little things like this can inspire and lift your mood.

6. Prep Your Study Space

“Tidy desk, tidy mind” – Unknown

Organize your desk and put everything you need in handy places.

Avoid clutter. Add plants. Play music. Open a window. There are lots of ways you can prep your room, just tap into what works for you.

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