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Six Apps to Help You Stay Organized

With old-time tried and tested organizing apps continuing to dominate the app stores, there are newer apps emerging that deserve a mention. Some of these ones may have even been around a bit since we last gave you our faves, but some recently made it to the top of the list for organizing junkies.

So since it’s been some time since we last spoke about apps that help us with productivity and organization, here’s a recap:

In 2012, Michele wrote about The Best iPhone Apps For Getting Organized And Being More Productive and followed up with The Best Android Apps For Getting Organized And Being More Productive.

Then in 2015 we revisited latest apps: Latest Apps to Help You Stay Organized.

Now,  we are going to look at a few current favorites for your lifestyle, home and work needs.

Six Apps to Help You Stay Organized

Wunderlust Logo1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist allows users to manage tasks from phones and computers.

It is a free app that can be used to add due dates, reminders, subtasks, comments, files and notes to the task. These tasks in lists can be put into folders. It’s an app that combines organisation and productivity in one to-do list.

Another thing, it’s shareable which makes it easy to pass on the task to anybody in the family or in the office.


Evernote logo  2. Evernote

Evernote is a cross platform app that allows you to list down reminders, add pictures and access it anywhere. It allows handwritten notes to be searched and can be shared to anybody.


Trello Logo  3. Trello

Trello is a freemium app that is useful in managing projects for your work and business. It allows you to create flow for projects, jobs and tasks from your idea to implementation.


Toggl Logo  4. Toggl

Toggl is a time tracker that is really simple to use. It helps you to track time in your phone, browser and computer. It can be used to organise tasks whether it’s work related or just a work from home that needs extra push for you to do.


Mint Logo  5. Mint

Mint on the other hand is a simple personal financial program. It is useful for budgeting, creating goals and pulling in your financial accounts in one place and with visual dashboard. You can input everything from your spending to your savings. It also allows you to create goals like paying off a credit card debt or saving up for a home or a vacation.


Boomerang Logo 6. Boomerang Email

Boomerang is a productivity software that can help users to schedule emails, snooze messages, get read receipts. It also includes a smart calendar for meetings – all in your phone or tablet.
Did we miss your fave? Let us know what app you have to keep you organized.

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