Evening Routine

6 Ways To Create A Productive Evening Routine

How do you spend your time before going to bed?

Do you:

  • lock up the house and check all doors & windows?
  • check your phone for last minute emails or Facebook posts?
  • turn the TV on to catch the late news?
  • drink a coffee?
  • play a game on your phone?

Whether you realize it or not, we’re creatures of habit so your evening routine is probably very similar each and every night.

Take a minute to think about what you actually do.

A productive day usually starts with a good evening routine, and good sleep. Children have a well-imposed routine before sleep time. Adults too can benefit from an imposed routine that begins at the same time every night.

The Benefits of a Bedtime Routine

  • It can calm your body down after an active day.
  • It can help you deal with insomnia.
  • It can give you a regular pattern that can condition you to sleep.
  • It can help you avoid overstimulating activities.

How To Create An Evening Routine

  1. Conduct a daily wrap up of your day. Mentally or physically write it down. Think back on your day and tie off any loose ends.
  2. Think about your health. How was your diet today? Did you get the nutrition your body needs and what can you do better?
  3. What’s on tomorrow that you can prepare for today?
  4. Avoid starting new tasks or continue high-energy activities when your bedtime is looming. Still your mind and your body.
  5. Begin sleep preparation activities half an hour before bedtime to help you wind down.  These include things like dimming the lights, turning the volume down on the TV or stereo, or having a cup of chamomile tea.
  6. Modify your sleep environment if it’s not working for you. Is your room dark enough, are you too hot or cold, are you comfortable, is it noisy?

Examples of Bedtime Routines

  • Settle everything in the house; the kids, pets and home chores. It’s good to wake up the next day to an organized home.
  • Write down reminders for the next day. Start to-do lists, or reminder lists to prepare things for the next day.
  • Set a night time alarm which signals you to sleep.
  • Prepare clothes you want to wear the next day.
  • Switch off devices and charge batteries for tomorrow.
  • Freshen up. Take a warm bath, relax and unwind.
  • Spend time doing something you enjoy; playing a quiet game or spending time with your significant other.
  • Do some light reading.
  • Listen to music.
  • Lower the temperature of the room.
  • Do some relaxation exercise, spiritual practice, prayer or meditation.

Start creating an evening routine for yourself using one or more of the tips suggested.  You can adapt it to your lifestyle and make changes along the way.

PS: If you’re also interested in creating a morning routine, you can find our blog here.

2 thoughts on “6 Ways To Create A Productive Evening Routine

  1. Alvin says:

    The best part of my nightly routine is listening to music. It makes such a huge difference in how quickly I sleep and my focus the next day. Calm classical music is my secret to success (this is my favorite playlist: https://goo.gl/wutaeC)

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