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Why Living With a Minimal Wardrobe Will Make You Happier

I’m standing in a closet-full of clothes but I have nothing to wear!

Is this is a constant dilemma for you?

Did you know that trimming down your wardrobe could be the quickest solution to having an organized closet?

Truly, the fewer clothes you own, the happier you will be. Don’t believe me? Keep reading!

The Benefits Of Having A Minimal Wardrobe

Avoid the daily confusion & stress, and feel confidence each morning by creating a minimal wardrobe.

A minimal wardrobe can benefit you by:

1. Giving You More Time

You will cut down time spent on shopping, and time wasted on choosing which clothes to wear.

2. Saving You Money

Experience a little financial freedom by cutting down on unnecessary purchases. You’ll be left with extra money to put towards your bills or save up for your next grand vacation.

3. Increasing Your Happiness

Less clutter leads to more happiness. Wear clothes you like the most and feel the best in. If you feel and look great, it will show!

Get Started, Declutter Your Closet

Here are some tips to help you downsize your closet.

1. Set a Block of Time To Do It

Work it to your strengths. Think about your time availability over the next week. You might have 15 minutes each week day, and 1-2 hours over the weekend. Plan to declutter to these time constraints & be as productive as you can.

2. Sort It Out

Sort your clothes by type and choose only the best while you discard the rest. Keep the ones that make you feel great in every category; for example two items each for blouse, shorts, pants, jackets, skirts.

3. De-dupe

Discard any duplicates, keeping only the ones you love more.

4. Pick a Color

Choose one color palette that you like the most and keep the theme. This way you can pair and combine outfits you already have.

5. Oust Unwanted Accessories

Keep accessories that match your color palette and that are still on-trend.

6. Closet Logistics

Arrange your closet for easy choosing of clothes. For example, off-season coats and shoes should be packed away so current season clothing is easily accessible.

7. Donate Your Discarded Clothes

If they are still in good condition but not to your liking, then pass them on to goodwill. If they are tatty or need a lot of repairs then throw them straight into the trash.

8. Plan To Shop

Don’t shop on a whim, shop with purpose to help keep you focused.

Use these tips as a start to minimalizing your closet. If you need more step-by-step behavioral help, check out our latest program 14 Days To An Organized Closet.

14 Days to an Organized Closet

7 thoughts on “Why Living With a Minimal Wardrobe Will Make You Happier

  1. Jennifer says:

    Well I am 35 and work from home and have a 10 yr old girl and 2 teenagers (boys). About 3 years ago only wearing yoga pants and jeans w T- shirts and hats. Long story I learning however in the process things weren’t matching. I have fabulous spring skirt but no top. My husband is a shopaholic so this is so helpful for me anyway I look at it. Keeping his side is one point and winter wardrobe is in the garage while I’m starting to donate his used w my old and shoes in line. Thank you I’m newlywed was a single mom of 1 too 5 of US somehow a dog, tarantula, A winter white hamster and baby turtles! Truly you have helped me run a household helping us blend.❤️

  2. jenny says:

    All very well if you work inside and some pieces in your work wardrobe can double time.
    My all weather dirty outdoor job requires a huge wardrobe. I often change wet smelly gear at breakfast and then again at lunch, then because it’s raining you can’t get it dry on the line for days. Sure in a sunny week you think why do I need this mountain of clothes I can barely stuff away, I should get rid of some of it, but over winter you need lots of spare clothes and I’m scratching to find something dry to wear. A lot of it is heavy bulky stuff, jerseys polar fleeces and windbreakers not to mention thick socks for boots, steel caps for other jobs, leather gloves, thermal gloves. Gear you are prepared to get covered in mud and animal manure, spray dye and paint is not something you are going to wear anywhere else aside from work, so you need a normal person set of clothes as well. I have two sock drawers, two underwear draws, one for work gear and one for good gear. Then there’s my road bike gear, helmet, leathers, two jackets and boots, sports gear, slouching around home gear (slightly better than farm gear but not much, slouching around home gear eventually gets moved to the farm gear pile), then my good clothes and yes I have about what you suggest in “good clothes” because you still need to cover bases in that regard as well.

    • Kylie Browne says:

      Indeed, the focus on the article was aimed at indoor workers. You’ve given me inspiration for another blog tackling outdoor workers. Thanks for your thoughts, Jenny. 🙂

  3. Schnubbs says:

    Thanks for this. One of the things I love about clearing out my closet is how it frees me up from too many decisions.

    I’ve heard that Mark Zuckerberg only wears one standard ‘outfit’ of jeans and t-shirt because it removes the need to make decisions about what to wear.

    I’m not sure I’d want to go as far as him, but I definitely think there’s benefit to paring down the options to make the decision process easier.

    • Kylie Browne says:

      Thanks Schnubbs, I agree. If your closet overwhelms you then having a “go-to” outfit keeps things easy and streamlined. It’s more financial in the long term too! No wasted clothes, shoes or accessories. 🙂 Kylie, Community Manager

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