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The Essential Checklist For An Organized & Inspiring Home Office

There’s hardly anything as distracting as a messy, cluttered office. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know where to get started. Not only does your office space need to be efficiently managed, but it also has to be inspiring and motivating – and that’s a lot of work.

Use our simple checklist to get the essential covered.

The Essential Checklist For An Organized & Inspiring Home Office

1. Print Color-Coded Labels

Labeling your drawers and bins is the perfect way to start an organizational system.

While labeling items, you can also make sure that all similar items are organized together. Anything that cannot be easily organized can go in a single miscellaneous drawer, so you’ll know where to find it when you need it.

Any folders should be carefully labeled and alphabetized, so they can be sorted through quickly.

2. Use Clear Storage Bins

For smaller parts, clear storage bins can make it easy to find what you need.

Remember to keep the interiors organized or it will quickly start looking messy!

Clear storage bins are especially useful for small craft items and office supplies. You can also find stackable pull-out bins to conserve space.

3. Get Rid of Clutter

Before digging deep into your organization, you may want to get rid of any clutter around your office.

If there’s anything in your office that you rarely use, it can usually be put in a cabinet or even given away. Offices have a tendency to suck in items like a black hole; there may be items in your office that are really suited to other areas of your home.

4. Invest in a White Board

A white board or bulletin board is an easy way to organize and track your most important information. This gives you a place to write down supplies that you need, bills that need to be paid, or general reminders to yourself.

It’s very easy to forget things when you have to wait to write them down — this will serve as a constant visual reminder.

5. Lose the Wires

The beautiful thing about modern technology is that it’s all wireless!

Wireless routers, printers, laptops – the works.

Going wireless will clean up a lot of the distracting clutter around your office. Where you do need wires (such as to connect monitors and keyboards), keep them neat and organized with zip ties. But don’t forget there are some things that do work better when wired, such as high-speed Internet connections.

6. Get a Little Luddite

A notepad and pencil can do a lot for you when you have some information that you want to quickly jot down. Setup a small area for a physical planner, calendar, and other important items, and you’ll be able to quickly clear your head and organize your schedule quickly.

For many people, simply transitioning from a digital environment to a paper-and-pencil environment can help them focus.

7. Bring in the Caffeine

If you’re a coffee drinker or a tea drinker, you may want to devote a small section of your office to a beverage station. New single serve brewers take up very little counter space, and the single serve pods can be kept in a nearby drawer. By keeping your caffeine close, you can prevent disruption to your work.

8. Stay Active

It’s always advisable to take a break from your work. Creating a small activity corner is an excellent way to remind yourself to take these breaks and to take care of your physical health. Whether it’s a full yoga mat or simply a small area in which to stand and stretch, make the area empty and peaceful.

9. Bring In Some Nature

Natural lighting is one of the easiest ways to boost both mood and productivity.

Open your windows and let the light shine in – and don’t forget to use light colors and bright accents.

In addition to natural light, you can also add some plants. Easy maintenance plants or succulents are a fantastic option if you want something suited for brown thumbs. Either way, it’ll freshen your air and be pleasing to look at.

Once you’ve got your office set up properly, you’re ready to get some work done! Does your office space feel right to you now? Put up some pictures of your family, some inspirational quotes, and you’ll be getting things done in no time.

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  1. Adrienne - BCI Janitorial says:

    Investing in and installing a whiteboard in my office has been, without question, the most beneficial step I’ve ever taken towards organization. It may sound small, but it is a huge step for me and has made remembering tasks and completing tasks on time so much easier.

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