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20 Quick Ways To Organize Your Home This Summer

Summer is the perfect time for you to organize your home. But organizing your home doesn’t have to be time consuming. Through small actions you can eventually save time and money.

1. Focus On One Room At A Time

When you’re organizing your home, don’t try to do it all at once; you’re just going to overwhelm yourself. Go room by room instead, even if it takes a week or two (or more!)

2. Find a Home For Everything

Before even trying to get organized, take some time to move everything into the right room. Simply getting everything into the right location can make chaos seem a bit more surmountable.

3. Clear Out Your Closet

Emptying out your closet can be therapeutic. It’s probably true that you have a number of items that you don’t wear anymore, whether they are well worn or just don’t fit. Empty out your closet and donate some items.  It’ll be a fast and easy way to organize.

4. Share the Load

Give each family member a job. You don’t have to tackle the entire project yourself. Consider making everyone responsible for their own area.

5. Label Makers Are Your Friend!

Don’t forget the label maker. When organizing small items, a label maker can make all the difference. If you need a quick fix, a sharpie and some painters tape will also do the trick. Kids love labels too so make it clear where things belong.

6. Review Appliances

Get rid of old appliances and utensils. Kitchens tend to accumulate all manner of unnecessary objects. Go through and get rid of anything you don’t need.

7. Declutter The Garage

What does your garage space look like? Is it cluttered with items you’re saving “just in case” you need them again? The garage is often a forgotten place full of well-meaning items no longer needed. Toss out the items that you don’t use and consider holding a garage sale for anything valuable.

8. Consider a Storage Unit

I’m not a big fan of storage units if the plan is to simply store clutter because you don’t want to deal with it.

That being said, a storage unit can be an affordable way to store seasonal items out of your home or house items temporarily.

9. Get The Right Tools To Help

Invest in the right organizers. Sometimes just buying the right organizer sets can help. There are kits sold at most places. Think about how buckets, baskets, shelving, or cupboards might help streamline your disorganized rooms.

10. Look Up!

Don’t forget the attic. The attic tends to collect things over years and even decades! Remember to periodically go through it and clear clutter away. Could you make better use of this space? A decluttered attic could be used for a playroom, bedroom, or hobby area.

11. Develop Good Habits

Bad habits are easy to fall into.  Whenever you use something, make an effort to return it to its place immediately after.

12. Go Digital

Digitizing your documents can save a lot of space and heartache. Digitize any documents that can reduce the amount of paper clutter you have.

13. Miscellaneous

Create a dedicated “knick knack” drawer. Rather than having items strewn throughout your home, you can instead create a dedicated drawer for all extra items. Then plan some time to regularly go through the drawer to keep it manageable.

14. Organize The Linen

Organize your towels and sheets by user needs. Wash items in sets or use a ribbon to tie them together so you can keep them bundled for when they’re needed.

15. Invest In A Closet Organizer

A closet organizer can be used to easily organize your closet without having to permanently alter your closet. Organizers often make it easier to fit more into a closet.

16. Install Shelves

Shelves can be both an attractive decoration and a way to organize things against your walls rather than in drawers and cabinets.

17. Clear Out The Pantry

Your pantry often collects items that are expired or simply unnecessary. Clear it out to make more space – including old dishes you no longer use.

18. Organize the Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets often end up filled with things that you don’t need. Throw away all your unnecessary meds and remember medications need to be disposed of carefully.

19. Be Thrifty

Visit the local thrift shop. Thrift shops have a lot of organizational options, such as baskets, that can be used to manage your extra things.

20. Hang It Up

Many items can be hung up on hooks to take further advantage of vertical space, such as hanging pans.

By following these simple tips, you can organize your entire home without having to devote a lot of time to it. It’s all about developing a system and involving the household.

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