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Do You Need a Happiness Makeover?

How often have you said to yourself that you just want to be happy? Or how often have you said to someone else that you just want them to be happy?

What is happiness to you and can you identify what matters most?

What Is Happiness?

Happiness is that feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

It’s that feeling of contentment – that life is just as it should be. Enlightenment and perfect happiness come when you have all of your needs satisfied. Perfect happiness and enlightenment can be very hard to achieve and hard to maintain, and they say true happiness is neither of the two.

There are many degrees of happiness and it will depend on the person or the situation the person is in.

Every person is unique and people will have different levels of happiness. For some, happiness is:

  • an 8-hour sleep
  • a piece of bread
  • a long mountain bike ride
  • peace and quiet
  • an expensive house
  • an expensive car.

Scientists and experts have identified 9 universal and overlapping human needs which can affect a person’s happiness or make a person happy in life.

9 Needs Affecting Your Happiness

1. Well-being

Well-being is the mind-body connections and aspects of your physical body that affect your mood.

2. Environment

External factors like food availability, safety, freedom, weather, beauty and home.

3. Pleasure

It’s the temporary experiences like love, joy, sex and eating that lift your mood.

4. Relationships

Because humans are social species, relationships are at the foundation of what it means to be human. Even the most introverted of people enjoy a connection with another person (even if it is online!).

5. Outlook

How a person approaches the world through curiosity, a sense of adventure and making plans.

6. Meaning

Having a purpose in life and the wisdom to understand it.

7. Involvement

To be engaged and to be actively involved in something you love doing.

8. Success

Confirmation from yourself and others that what you do has value.

9. Elasticity

How a person recovers (bounces back) from any negative events from their lives.

While the categories above are easy to organize and simplify a person’s need, it’s just the start. There are many things that you can do to improve your personal productivity or happiness. It’s easier said than done, right?

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Actually, some changes are easy and can help you reach a happy state. According to Dr. Tom G. Stevens, author of “You Can Choose To Be Happy”, a person can choose to take advantage of opportunities to learn how to be happy.

For example, a person can:

  • change their beliefs and values
  • learn good self-management
  • work on their interpersonal skills
  • sharpen their career-related skills.

Choose an environment or be around people who can increase the probability of happiness. He also added that the people who become the happiest and grow the most are the ones who make their own personal growth a primary value in their lives.

Below are some tips that can make your life a positive one.

More Tips To Living A Positive Life

1. Exercise More

According to science, exercise has such a profound effect on a person’s happiness and well-being that it is an effective strategy for beating depression. But you don’t have to be depressed to benefit from exercise. Exercise can also help you relax, increase brain power and improve body image, even if you don’t lose weight. Seven minutes of exercise is enough, but if you can do a longer exercise routine, that’s even better.

2. Quality Sleep

We all know that sleep helps the body to recover from the day and helps repair any damage that a person may have acquired. It also helps the mind to recharge, stay focused and be more productive. Sleep also helps people to be happier. Anyone who lacks sleeps will stay grumpy – as almost everybody knows. Also the BPS Research Digest presented a study that proves sleep affects a person’s sensitivity to negative emotions.

Also, how well or how long you sleep will surely affect how you feel when you wake up, which will make a difference the whole day.

3. Do What You Love

Even though jobs, parenthood or just being an adult is hampering some of the things you love doing, try to make it a point to have some time to do something that you love. This will bring balance to your life and great joy while doing it. It may be a form of sport, a hobby or anything that you really love doing. It’s a waste of time if you force yourself into doing something that you don’t like, right?

4. Smile More

Try to smile more often and see how it affects you as well as the people around you.

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5. Forgive

Holding grudges or grievances can affect a person’s physical and mental health. Nursing these emotions can give sleepless nights and stress, thus it’s better if you can forgive. It can reduce the power of bad events, bitterness and resentment. If you’re angry, vent all your bad feelings before the day is over.

6. Choose Connection Over Money 

Yes, money can buy almost anything but it can’t buy love and happiness. Spending time with friends and family is one of the most satisfying things you’ll do in your life. Humans are social animals, thus social time is very valuable when it comes to improving one’s happiness.

7. Listen to Music

Yes, there’s nothing like listening to good music. Also, research shows that listening to music, dancing around the room or watching a live music concert can boost your mood and help you reach a positive state.

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8. Plan A Vacation

Everyone needs a break and time to recharge, thus planning a vacation is one great thing to do to make you happy. The anticipation of a trip is almost as good as the trip itself. Whether it’s warm sun, white sandy beaches, and nice clear waters – or – flurries of snow, wood fires and cozy nights in – the memories you’ll make with your family and friends will be gold.

9. Celebrate Little Victories

What people usually remember are the small things that a person does and the small moments they experience. It can be a favorite song played on the radio or a stranger making a kind gesture or having a bowl of hot and hearty stew when it’s cold outside. Take time to notice the things that go right, which means that you’re getting a lot of little rewards throughout the day.

10. Have Some Ice Cream

If you’re feeling down – have some ice cream. If you’re having a nice walk in the park – have some ice cream. If you’re people watching – have an ice cream. It doesn’t have to be ice cream. Do something to treat yourself every now and again to remind yourself of the little joys you can create in your life.

Happiness is a choice. What do you choose to do to be happy?

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