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9 Tips To Get Your Home Organized When On A Budget

It doesn’t matter what size your home is, one thing is for sure, getting organized is hard. We all have some stuff we like to keep and some of these things can end up slowing our progress.

Having too much clutter is a mess, always. It takes away from the look of your home which can also overwhelm you every day. It can be stressful if you’re trying to find something and you can’t find it because it’s buried somewhere in the house. It’s chaotic and stressful if you’re trying to find your car keys, your last monthly bill, paperclips, scissors or anything that you need in the moment.

You can prevent this from happening if you start to declutter and organize. You don’t have to spend too much time or money organizing your home, you can just use something that you already have in your house and add some time in your routine that will streamline your daily preparation for work or for school.

Follow our 10 tips that you can try when organizing your home on a tight budget.

10 Tips To Get Your Home Organized When On A Budget

1. Maximise Your Space

  • You don’t need to have a new closet, you just have to know that different clothing styles need different storage layouts.
  • You can use two bars to hang your clothes hangers.
  • For any seasonal items, place them in sealed containers and store them on a shoe rack.
  • Use stackable containers for your pantry items.

2. Evening or Morning Preparation

If you’re not doing this, you can add this to your weekly routine. Prepare or layout everything that you need the night before or very early in the morning for work or school. If you have kids, you can teach them the same so that they will not be rushing every morning.

Here are 6 Ways To Create A Productive Morning Routine

Here are 6 Ways To Create A Productive Evening Routine

3. Meal Tray For Organising your Drawer

It’s very common to open a drawer and find everything mixed up, be it in the office or at home. You can use metal or plastic trays to separate all items in your drawer or organize different food compartments.

4. Use Jars as Containers

If you have old baby-food jars, you can reuse them to hold spices. Keep them in a drawer of the cupboard so that you can reach for them easily whenever you cook up some tasty lunch or dinner.

You can also reuse jars to hold pencils, buttons, coins, paperclips, or any other small item that seems to multiply before your eyes.

5. Organising Your Purses

Hang hooks on your closet or wall to organize your handbags or purses. This will keep your bags in one place and save some space. Keep your most favorite bags at the very front for easy access.

6. Reduce Food Spoilage

Reduce spoilage and save money by rotating your fruits and vegetables. Put the new or fresh ones underneath the ones that you’ve already bought a few days ago and always check your fridge for the things you really need. Don’t buy things you already have or you’ll overspend on perishable food items.

7. Old Cardboard Box For Storage

If you have old cardboard boxes around, why not add a slick of paint and reuse them. It can be designed with fabric or ribbons or some colors to compliment your style. Seasonal clothes or bulky items can be stored in these boxes. This will give your closet a good mix of practicality and awesomeness.

8. Organising Your Bathroom

No one wants to see a bathroom sink full of makeup kits, razors, deodorant, cologne, aftershave, perfume etc.  Keep all your bathroom paraphernalia organized by storing them in a plastic carry tub. Place hairspray, deodorant, make-up, razors into a sturdy container and place them under the bathroom counter.

9. If You Can, Go Paperless

Every month, your monthly bills will pile up if you don’t keep it organized. If you want to minimize your paper clutter, go paperless as much as possible. Have your bills sent through email and pay them through your credit card or auto-debited to your bank account. It will save you time, gas, money and space.

You can learn as you go when organizing things, especially when you’re on a budget. Make your life easier and happier by organizing.

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