The Easiest and Quickest Way to Keep Things Clean and Organized

The Easiest and Quickest Way to Keep Things Clean and Organized

You’re a busy person with very limited free time on your hands, which often means that you find yourself struggling to stay organized and neat. However, lately you’ve been thinking that if you had a system in place to maintain your dwelling more easily, you would feel better but still get everything accomplished that needs to be done.

What you really need is to give yourself a push to get started on the path toward regularly cleaning your home. This includes making specific plans to organize your possessions so they don’t take over your life. The easiest and quickest way to keep things clean and organized is well within your grasp.

1. Decide to Start Now

If you don’t start cleaning and organizing your home now, then when will this happen? It’s crucial to focus on cleanliness now, once you’ve made up your mind to begin. Otherwise, you can see how easy it would be to procrastinate and put off this task.

Once people see how nice their home is after consistent cleaning and organizing, they wonder why they didn’t start sprucing up things much earlier. Just like a New Year’s Resolution, if you decide to start now, your chances of success will improve if you stick to your plan and stop making excuses.

2. Be Consistent With Organizing

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Trying to organize your home in a slapdash manner will not get you the results you’re hoping for. Instead, strive for consistency. This means, for example, that if you are removing a stack of a month’s worth of magazine from the living room, you should also get rid of that pile of takeout menus on the living room coffee table.

If you use organizational tools, such as dividers for your kitchen cabinets and drawers, consider using similar items in your bathroom and home office. The point is, don’t let one room become a junk room where you stack up things that you don’t have a place to put.

3. Tidy up Regularly

Clutter will continue to mount the longer you leave your house untouched. So, it’s in your best interest to tidy up on a regular basis. This is easily accomplished by setting reminders for yourself, such as an alarm on your smartphone.

Multitasking may make this an easier task. When watching the news at night, you could neaten up the living room or put away stuff sitting out on the kitchen counter. If a friend calls, instead of just sitting on the couch, you could take the opportunity to tidy up while enjoying a distracting conversation.

4. Change Unorganized Habits

Clutter can start happening because you are not paying attention to your actions. You can switch from unorganized habits to a more proactive approach. Do you find yourself spending time with a hobby but then leaving things out instead of putting them away before bedtime? Where do you put your bills before you pay for them?

Make a habit of considering items that you routinely use or bring into your home and figure out a consistent way to deal with them. Hang your keys on a hook by the door instead of leaving them on the kitchen counter with a handful of change and some receipts.

5. Set a Household Routine for Cleaning and Organizing

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Following a routine makes cleaning and organizing your household much easier. This can include writing up a chore chart and posting it in the family room for everyone to see. List the name of the task, when it should be done by and who is set to do it that week. Scrubbing the bathrooms every Saturday while doing laundry or dusting and vacuuming on Sundays will become habitual and your home will start to look nicer and more inviting as a result.

6. Don’t Let Setbacks Get In Your Way

If you’re just getting started organizing and keeping things cleaned on a regular basis, it’s natural for you to miss the schedule once in a while. Things happen, and you wind up forgetting to vacuum the carpet or you don’t dust one week. Everyone has been through such minor setbacks. The trick is to just pick up right again when you realize you’ve slackened on housework. You’ll be delighted at how much more pleasant it will be to live in a house that is nice and organized and kept sparkling clean.

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