How to organize the 'junk drawer'?

How to organize the ‘junk drawer’?

There are a lot of ways to deal with the junk drawer. Even if it’s piled full of all kinds of things that have been there for years, it can still be cleaned and organized so everyone can find the things they’re looking for in it. Here are some of the best ways to organize the junk drawer, so it looks great and stay clean in the future, as well.

1. Clear the Drawer Out Completely

It’s not usually a good idea to organize things by just moving them around. Instead, seeing what’s there and what should be kept is a vital part of the process. Taking everything out of the drawer and putting it in a box, on the counter, or in another type of location where things can be sorted is a good start toward proper organization. Most people are amazed by how many things come out of their junk drawer, and how many of those thins aren’t really needed in their home at all.

2. Sell, Donate, or Throw Away Unneeded Items

Sell, Donate, or Throw Away Unneeded Items

Especially if there are broken things in the junk drawer, those things really should be thrown away. The junk drawer can end up as a repository for all kinds of small items that need fixing, can’t be fixed, or just don’t have a purpose in the home anymore. Items that work correctly can be sold online, donated to a thrift store, or given to friends that might want them. There are always options, but there’s no point in keeping things that aren’t used or needed, along with things that are broken and not able to be repaired.

3. Measure the Space That’s Available

When the drawer won’t close because it’s overstuffed, or it won’t open because things get jammed in it, there’s simply too much in the drawer. That’s a problem, and it’s one that can be fixed. Knowing how much room is really in the drawer can make it easier to avoid putting back too many items. Then the drawer will not only be organized, but it won’t be overfilled, either. Even a properly organized junk drawer can be a big problem if there are too many things in it. That’s not a matter of cleanliness or tidiness, but a matter of space and volume.

4. Group the Things That Are Being Kept

Group the Things That Are Being Kept

It’s possible to sort things by type, by use, or by any other method that works. The method that is right for one person may not be right for another, but that is not the main concern. Instead, the concern is that items aren’t grouped at all. Even for people who aren’t completely sure about how to group items, there are ways to get started. For example, all spare keys should be together. There may be padlocks or other types of key-related items (like tags or keychains) that can be put near the keys. Batteries should be together no matter their size, etc.

5. Get Dividers to Keep Items in the Right Places

Getting dividers may not work for everyone, but for most people a divided tray or similar option works well to keep things organized. There may be items in the home that can be repurposed this way. If that’s not the case, buying something that fits the drawer just right isn’t a bad solution. While a lot of people try very hard not to buy more things when they’re decluttering and organizing, sometimes the right item can be a good purchase for a good cause.

6. A Routine Can Keep the Junk Drawer Organized

A Routine Can Keep the Junk Drawer Organized

Organization is an ongoing process, and not something that can be done once and then forgotten about indefinitely. Keeping up on the level of organization is very important, and something that needs to be done on a frequent basis. Whether it’s part of a set cleaning schedule or there’s another type of routine it fits into, keeping the junk drawer clean can make finding things in it much easier. It will also stop the need for a big clean-out and organization again, as well.

Almost every home has a junk drawer, where people store things that really don’t have another place to go. These are usually assortments of random items that are useful, but a lot of unused items can end up in that drawer, as well. Sorting the drawer, organizing it, and keeping it clean can go a long way toward lowering the level of junk in a home.

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