How to be productive working at Home Office?

How to Be Productive When Working at Home Office

When working from home, productivity isn’t the same as it would be in an office. But that doesn’t mean being productive is impossible, or that there’s no way to increase productivity in a home office to rival that of a more traditional office environment. To make sure the home office is as productive as possible, there are some specific things that can be done. While it may not be necessary to do all of these things in every home that has an office, the tips presented here are all important to consider. These changes may be exactly what’s needed to take a home office that’s hard to work in and make it one that’s perfect for productivity.

1. Make the Home Office Comfortable and Distraction-Free

A comfortable home office is an important part of productivity. If the office doesn’t feel like a comfortable work space, anyone trying to get things done in there will spend more time thinking about the lack of comfort than they will about the work. The problems with comfort can include poor lighting, uncomfortable temperatures, a chair or desk that’s older or inconvenient, or other problems that make it difficult to work. Distractions such as people, pets, and what’s seen out the windows or heard on a frequent basis can also be stressful, as those kinds of things can keep people from getting things done and make it more difficult to focus in a home office environment.

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2. Turn the Home Office Into an Enjoyable Space

Making a home office space enjoyable might sound counterintuitive, but it’s really not. There are many types of work that can also be fun, and for anyone who gets to work from home there are opportunities for breaks and other kinds of changes that make things better than a standard office. There are also options for decoration and creativity that might not be possible in other locations, but that can help make the home office space a better area for an enjoyable time. Most people don’t like to work, but there are some great ways to make it easier and better. Adding some joy to a home office space is one of those ways.

3. Clutter Free is Stress Free, and Reduces Distractions, Too

Clutter is one of the biggest reasons that people have a hard time working in a home office space. There are boxes in the corner, papers on the desk, and a lot of storage items that don’t really have anywhere else to go — or that just haven’t been put away yet. But when that gets remedied the office will feel a lot bigger and better, which can reduce stress. For a lot of people, clutter causes anxiety and increases stress levels. Additionally, the level of clutter in a location can be a distraction from everything that needs to get done. To keep from getting stressed and distracted in a home office, make sure there isn’t any clutter around to cause problems.

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4. Being Motivated is a Big Part of a Quality Home Office

Motivation comes and goes, but finding ways to have more of it is rarely a bad thing. With a home office, motivation is important. Since there isn’t a boss or manager checking up on the workers, finding ways to create internal motivation is more important than ever. With a workspace that looks and feels good and comfortable, motivation to get work done is stronger. That can mean the work gets completed faster, and can also mean that same work is done to a higher level of quality. Everyone is motivated by different things, but finding what matters and focusing on making those things part of the home office space can be an excellent way to increase motivation.

5. Take Mental and Physical Breaks for Optimal Productivity

To stay productive, breaks are needed. That might seem odd, since taking a break means work isn’t getting done. But when people take mental and physical breaks they’re more prepared to get back to work and do a good job. Breaks can leave someone feeling renewed and refreshed, so that getting back to work is easier. More actually gets done when breaks are taken, as long as the breaks aren’t too frequent or too long. Finding the right pattern of work and breaks is the best way to accomplish a lot more in a home office. With some changes and adjustments, a home office space can be just as productive as any standard office, and can provide more comfort and enjoyment, as well.

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2 thoughts on “How to Be Productive When Working at Home Office

  1. Vanessa Howard says:

    Thanks for the tips!
    Here are the few rules that I followed.
    1. Do not work in your bedroom. Often I find myself sleeping instead of working when I’m in the bedroom. I recommend you move somewhere that has a desk, good lighting, and no bed.
    2. Set a schedule. This is very important. You should keep a clear schedule to track your progress. My colleagues and I use Quire to collaborate on our projects. This helps us assign individual tasks to different people and also check if the progress is going well. It also has reminders so that we can know clearly when the deadline is.
    3. Start work the same time you would normally enter the office. This helps you maintain your original routine, and also stop you from slacking off.
    4. Take breaks. Taking breaks help you clear your mind and stay focused, I usually take a break after two hours of working non-stop. I would go make a cup of coffee, let my dog out to the backyard, or throw a few hoops before I get back to work.

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