Preparing for an online black friday

Preparing for an Online Black Friday for 2020

Attention keyboard commandos and all aficionados of online shopping! Since Thanksgiving is almost upon us, it’s time to start getting ready for buying holiday gifts over the Internet. The tradition of online Black Friday is designed to get consumers to part with their hard-earned cash in a buying frenzy.

You can get better deals and have a more enjoyable experience buying gifts if you prepare for online Black Friday now instead of waiting until the last minute. Here’s how to get started:

1. Focus on Retailers With a Historical Pattern of Offering Good Online Deals

Some companies will focus on offering good deals online for Black Friday shoppers, so keep track of them from year to year. Other companies have a fairly steady stream of business all year round, giving them little incentive to reduce prices for the holiday shopping season.

retailers with good online deals

2. Sign up to be on the Email Lists of Your Favorite Retailers

To avoid being inundated with spam messages all year, you might want to use a special email address just for holiday shopping. When you sign up for a list, the business will send you special offers, since they know they already have a motivated buyer. This is how you’ll start seeing the best possible deals in your email inbox.

3. Plan Ahead in Anticipation of Shipping and Postal Delays

There could be a reduction in the shipping company’s workforce or in the factory holding your gifts that lead to unforeseen delays. To lower stress, just make your purchases well in advance. That way, you can ride out any delays worry-free. Monitor the tracking information on your orders to see when the package is due to arrive.

Also to note: Very popular and trendy items may sell out fast, so if your heart is set on a particular gift, grab it immediately while you have a chance.

anticipation on delivery

4. Research Items Online to Determine Who Offers the Best Prices

With just a few clicks of the mouse or taps on your smartphone and a bit of time for research, you can do much better at Black Friday online sales. Don’t settle for a seller you’ve bought from before if you can find another entity offering the same item at a better deal.

5. Begin Shopping Early (Like Right Now!)

There’s no need for you to wait until the official Black Friday date to start making purchases. Check which stores are already happy to entice you with a discount ahead of the big sales event.

begin shopping early

6. Identify Companies Offering Promotional Codes Plus Free Shipping

It’s really a buyer’s market in post-Thanksgiving day sales to satisfy Christmas gift-giving needs. To that end, find which companies are giving coupons for a discount and whether they offer shipping gratis. The money you save on shipping and handling can go to more gifts or fancier decorations.

delightful presents

Remember that the goal of your Black Friday shopping experience is to find delightful presents that your recipients will love, rather than to simply win at the game of shopping for unexpected bargains. Ideally you will find just what you want to buy at a decent price. Thanks to your planning, the items will arrive well before the holiday, so you can spend more time enjoying time with family.

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