How to balance fitness with a busy schedule

How to balance fitness with a busy schedule?

Being busy is a virtue, as long as you are being productive and not spinning your wheels! For some individuals who are always on the go, a question keeps arising. How does one manage to get a good workout most days of the week, while fitting exercise into an already crowded schedule?

It’s a question that’s been plaguing modern women since the dawn of the modern era. Even if your schedule is packed, there’s no need to feel you have to sacrifice work to maintain your fitness. Likewise, you do not have to give up your exercise program in order to thrive at work (or school) and at home.

Be In Charge and Change Your Perspective: For those who forego exercise because they dread the activity, maybe a new point of view is all that’s needed to get moving and to feel good about it.

It’s useful to “think of working out as something enjoyable,” according to Patrick Hammond, a running coach quoted by Polar. “Never think of it as something you have to do, but instead as something you want to do. This has worked for me for the past 24 years.” A small change in point of view can have a big effect on your life.

1. Commit to the Workout Schedule You Devise

Sticking to a schedule for exercise is crucial. If you don’t plan your workouts, exercise time will likely fall through the cracks as you turn your focus to pressing work matters.

So, treat your workouts as being just as important as the conference calls you schedule.

 Commit to the Workout Schedule

2. Try Different Workouts to See Which Approach Integrates Best With Work and Home Life

Maybe you like jogging or running. Or, perhaps group sports are more your style. You won’t know until you try various exercises and activities.

3. Set Specific Goals to Promote Fitness

Instead of having a vague idea of “getting in better shape,” write down goals with specific ideas in mind. For example, you want to lose 8 pounds over the next three months. 

Or, you would like to be able to cut down the time it takes you to walk one mile. Working toward a goal will keep you going even when your busy schedule is calling for you to skip exercising.

Set specific goals to promote fitness

4. Get Even Healthier By Hydrating Regularly, and Eating Better

People sometimes eat more when actually they are more thirsty than in need of a meal. This is a reminder to stay hydrated. 

Carry a water bottle with you if you are trying to avoid sodas and other sugar drinks. And improving your meal choices will help you maintain fitness, even when you are low on free time.

5. Be Accountable to Somebody

It’s harder to get away with skipping your exercise if a friend or relative (or even a coworker who also wants to improve fitness) knows about your schedule. 

He or she will ask how your workout went that day. If you explain that you ditched spin class or just weren’t in the mood to go for a run that morning, you’ll have some explaining to do.

6. Go Easy On Yourself

Don’t give yourself grief if you miss a scheduled workout. Just recognize that it happened, and try to do better the next time. You’re already subject to enough stress because of your busy lifestyle. Don’t compound the problem by feeling bad because you had a minor setback!

Go easy on yourself

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