How to Depart With Your Stuff Without Regret

How to Depart With Your Stuff Without Regret

You’ve done a big clean up and decluttered your home, but now you have piles of possessions that you need to get rid of. Do you sell, donate, or throw them away? What if they still have sentimental value? It’s going to be a difficult process, but the items that you don’t use are going to have to go, one way or the other. Here are some tips.

Getting Rid of Sentimental Items Can Be Hard

It’s only natural to be attached to some items. But it’s important to know where the line is. If you have a few sentimental items, it’s fine; if you have an entire room full of sentimental items, you need to start reducing the clutter.

decluttering makes you happy

Remember: decluttering makes you happy. Even if it may seem difficult at the time, you’ll feel much better once you’ve decluttered. Focus on the fact that you’ll have a simple, healthier home in the future, and the entire process will be much easier.

Question Why You Want to Keep the Item

Is it because it’s irreplaceable? Is it valuable, even if it’s useless? Or does it just remind you of a specific time in your life? Why you want to keep the item will invariably lead you to the right choice for the item. If it’s an irreplaceable item, you may want to give it to someone else who can use it. If it’s valuable, you may want to sell it now, instead of holding onto it.

Consider Keeping a Piece of the Item

Rather than keeping the whole item, consider keeping just a piece. If you have tons of old clothing that you can’t donate and don’t use, consider making a quilt out of those items. If you have a large volume of things from a loved one who has passed, think about creating a display case full of items that you can hang on your wall, and getting rid of everything else.

Focus on the Good That the Item Will Do

If you’re going to be donating items, think about the fact that someone else is going to make better use out of it. Appliances, clothing, and furniture: all of it can have a lovely second life in someone else’s home. You can ask your friends and family if there’s anything that they want first, so you don’t feel like you’re truly giving it away.

Take Photos of Items That You’ll Miss

Take Photos of Items That You'll Miss before throwing away

If there’s something that you’ll miss, but really have no use for, consider just taking photos of the item. This will still give you something to look at when feeling nostalgic, while not having to keep an item inside of your home. If the reason for keeping the item is purely the memories associated, the photograph can serve as a reminder as well.

Repurpose Items that You Can Reuse

There are some items that you can repurpose and reuse rather than selling or getting rid of. Cloth items, glass, and tools are often reusable items that have some valuable in and of themselves. But don’t make up a use for your items: don’t tell yourself that an item will be useful “some day.” That’s the type of thinking that can eventually lead to keeping large volumes of things for no reason.

Remember That Things Are Just Things

While we do have some attachments to our possessions, they are still possessions. You’ll forget most items once you get rid of them; it’s just the act of getting rid of them that can be difficult. You can always ask for help to get rid of them, or just bite the bullet and get rid of them quickly. Try to focus on the positive: there will be fewer items to organize and to clean.

Let Yourself Keep Some Smaller Items

You don’t have to get rid of every single item that you have. Try to get rid of the great majority of your items, but allow yourself to keep a few small things. This can make it easier. Re-frame it: you don’t need to get rid of everything. You just need to select only a few items to keep. This still lets you select the things that are most important to you, while getting rid of most of your unused things.

It’s important to remember that things are just things. You can keep photos, take a memento, or otherwise remember them, but giving them up is often important to keep a healthy home. For more modern organizational tips, check out the Get Organized Wizard.

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    Downsizing your memorabilia can be painstaking, however, here are some suggestions that have worked for me: Family heirlooms distribute to other family members; high school items donate to the Alumni Association of the school you graduated from each year the Association displays items from each school year so current students can get a glimpse of what life was like over the years; donate items you don’t use anymore; take items to a local thrift store to sell for a small profit. Items to keep: photographs; jewelry; art work family members made. Happy downsizing!

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