How to Organize Craft Supplies in a Small Space

How to Organize Craft Supplies in a Small Space

Who doesn’t enjoy crafting? It’s a fun way to unwind after a stressful day, and many families enjoy it as a way to spend quality time together.

The crafts projects that you and your family enjoy working on are a great source of pleasure, to be sure. But if the various crafts supplies are sprawling all over the place, you run the risk of losing items or not being able to find and use them when you want.

And when you are working in a small space, it’s particularly important to come up with a way to organize your craft supplies.

1. Label Everything

Put labels on all of your supplies so you can sort them more easily. Think of sitting down to make crafts to give out at gifts, and how many things you need to keep track of, and you’ll see the value of not only labelling things but storing them in clear, transparent organizers so they’re easy to spot. Now, it will be a snap to find wooden popsicle sticks, Styrofoam balls, buttons, beads and googly eyes.

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2. Tools at the Ready

Keeping tools at your fingertips is a better solution than having them in different locations, such as sandpaper in the garage inside a tool box, glue sticks in the kitchen drunk drawer, and so on. You don’t want to keep getting up to find a small pair of scissors or a pen with green ink while in the middle of a crafting project.

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3. Open System

Adopt a system where you place open containers to hold clips, colored pencils, pens and other basic crafting tools. It saves you time from having to open boxes to get just what you need.

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4. Use the Right Shapes

Maybe you are using boxes that use more room than is necessary. The original containers that items come in can be inefficient for use in tight spaces. That’s because their packages are also designed to help market them from the shelves of retailers. Keep in mind that square or rectangle containers will store more than round containers.

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5. Don’t Hoard Items

After you’ve been crafting for a while, chances are good that you have collected many more craft supplies and tools than you currently need. But each item takes up valuable space that you’ll want to reclaim. A good policy to follow is to only hold onto craft items that you use often. Get rid of older, unwanted craft items at least once a year, such as during spring cleaning.

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6. Staying Organized Makes Crafting a More Rewarding Experience

Craft making is a rewarding activity that helps you relax and explore your creative side, with the result being beautiful and interesting items to display, give away or even sell, depending on your level of interest and skill.

Making sure you have your craft supplies neatly organized with everything in its own place will make for a less stressful environment. It’s also a way to do crafts more easily, since you aren’t wasting time looking for a tool or item for your project.

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