Add Storage in your living space!

How to Add Storage in Your Living Space?

If you need to add storage in your living space, there are two main ways to make that happen. You can either add more storage if you have the room, or you can declutter your living area to create more opportunity to store the things you really want to keep. Here are some of the most important things to consider, so you can handle both of those issues as effectively as possible.

1. Get Rid of What You Don’t Use

Keeping the essentials is important, but you also need to get rid of the things you’re not going to be using anymore. That can include decorative items, extra blankets, and anything else that’s taking up space in your living area. Some things can easily get stored away, like putting extra blankets in a storage ottoman, for example, but there isn’t always an easy solution for some things. That can be more significant of a problem when you simply have too much for the space, so there isn’t any more storage available.

Get rid of what you don't use

2. Group Items Together for Better Storage

One of the ways to store things more easily is to group specific items together. You want to be sure you’re putting things away where they go, and that they’re all together when and where you need them. You wouldn’t want to have to go to the attic for a flashlight and to the basement for batteries, and you can focus on that same type of issue when it comes to where items in your living room are being stored. Keeping things together just makes them easier to find and use.

Group items together for better storage 

3. Label Storage From Broad to Narrow

By starting with broad labeling, like “kitchen items,” and narrowing things down after that, you’ll be more likely to keep things neat and tidy. It’s also a lot easier to find things you’ve stored away when boxes and other storage containers are clearly labeled. There’s no reason you have to live with things just piled into boxes or tubs, when you can add organized storage solutions you can easily use and that look nice, as well.

Label storage from broad to narrow

4. Consider Donating Instead of Tossing Items

For things you really don’t use or want anymore, donation could be the right answer. You don’t need to throw away perfectly good things that other people could use. Instead, find out where to donate them in your local community or offer them for free to anyone nearby who needs them. You might really be helping someone who can’t afford to buy what they need, or giving others around you the chance to get something they’ve been wanting. As an added benefit, your space will be cleaner and clutter-free, too.

Consider donating instead of tossing items

Having more storage in your living space is sometimes just a matter of being better organized and getting rid of the things you don’t want to keep. That lets you focus on the things that matter to you, so you can put them away neatly, group them together, and use them more easily any time you want.

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