New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Ways to Get Organized

By Michele Connolly

Have you set new year’s resolutions to get better organized?

Here are three strategies for starting off the year on the right track – and boosting your chances of keeping those resolutions beyond January.

1. Scrap the storage

Get Organized

If you’ve got stuff squirreled away in storage, the attic or the garage, then this is the time to get rid if it. You probably don’t even know what’s there, do you?

Schedule a day to clear out your storage unit, attic or garage and take everything to the charity store or tip.

This is a motivating and satisfying way to kickstart your new year’s resolution to be better organized. And you can get it done in a day!

Power tip

If you’d rather chew off your own arm than sort through everything, then hire a professional organizer for a few hours. They’ll keep you focused and provide the momentum for you. The money you’ll save on storage will probably pay for the service, too.

2. Lighten the load

The less stuff you have, the easier it is to get organized and stay organized.

There are two prongs to having less:

  1. Buying less
  2. Getting rid of more.

The first is achieved by a shift of mindset – giving up the idea of shopping as a way to (a) pass time or (b) compensate for something else. Shop when you have things you need to buy. Otherwise, avoid the mall.

(Instead of shopping, use the time for another new year’s resolution – like exercise, personal development or time with family.)

The second prong is achieved by getting rid of things you don’t love or don’t use.

Do 30-minute purges like Fill a Hu-u-uge Trash Bag and Declutter 50 Items until you’ve got most of the excess out of the house, then use clutter-management strategies like A Ready-For-Donation Basket and Include cleaning up as part of every single task to maintain order.

Power tip

Can’t bring yourself to get rid of excess stuff? Then put it all in a box and give it to a nice friend. They’re to keep it for six months, then quietly take it it to the charity store or tip.

The six months will give you an emotional safety blanket, but chances are, you’ll forget all about the box of stuff.

3. Slot in some structure

Having someone else provide structure for your decluttering and organizing efforts can make it easier to get started and stay motivated. The less thinking and analyzing you have to do, the less opportunity to procrastinate. You can simply focus on doing it!

Look for a book at the store or library that offers a structured approach to personal, home or family organization. Or get a coach to help you set organizing objectives and stay accountable.

Or try one of my organizing products and programs:

  • Life & Goal Organizer is a 360-degree system for organizing your whole life
  • 52 Missions guides you to get organized in weekly, 30-minute projects
  • Organize in 5 provides daily 5-minute organizing tasks
  • Design Your Life is a comprehensive personal development program covering 12 life areas over one year.

Power tip

If you’re going to work through a book or program, it helps to have an organizing buddy.

You can encourage and motivate each other, share success and brainstorm problems.

If you want to turn your new year’s resolution to be more organized into a lifelong success, then these three strategies will set you up very well: attack your long-term storage, choose to have less stuff in your life, and use a program to keep you focused on personal organization.

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