Free Printable To-Do Lists

Free, Interactive, Printable To-Do Lists

Printable To-Do lists

Tons of free interactive, printable to-do lists and templates to save you time creating your own.

We have printable to-do lists to get organized, printable to-do lists for work, printable weekly to-do lists, printable daily to-do lists and things to do templates.  We have hundreds of cool list templates covering Home, Family, Study, Work, Personal Goals and more.

Printable To-Do Lists
Here’s an example of some of our most popular free to-do lists:

  • Movies to See
  • Books to Read (Non Fiction)
  • Starting my Own Blog
  • Activities to Try
  • Exercise Log (by Child)
  • Weekend Activities
  • Interests
  • Healthy Food Checklist
  • Healthy Meals Planner
  • Weekly Chores Roster
  • Yearly Activities Planner
  • Master Goals List
  • Bills to Pay
  • Stress Management
  • To-do List (Weekly)
  • Master To-do List

All beautifully laid out and fully interactive – type directly into the lists, search, save & print. Or simply print and write if you prefer.

All products work with the free Adobe PDF Reader.

19 thoughts on “Free Printable To-Do Lists

  1. Hannah Goldberg says:

    I do like your lists but they print out very light. Trying to copy them in black made them even lighter. Not sure if it is due to my computer or what. Any suggestions? For the Master To-Do List I would like a column for Date Entered. Thanks

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