★Simplify Life Tips★ (Twitter Tweet Digest)

Simplify Your Life From time to time I tweet tips for simplifying your life.

Here’s a digest of the tips so far.

I’ll keep adding the latest tips to the top of this post.

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Tips For Simplifying Your Life

13. Feel lighter

Too much stuff in your home and your life can leave you feeling heavy and overwhelmed. Buy less, donate more – and feel instantly lighter!

12. Limit Your Hangers
Keep just enough hangers for your current closet of clothes. Whenever you buy something new, you’ll have to donate something in order to free up a hanger.

11. Stuff
The less stuff you have, the easier it is to get organized and stay organized. Every extra item costs you in organizing time, space and energy.

10. Subscriptions
Cancel subscriptions to papers and magazines unless they enhance your life. If they don’t, they’re simply taking up your time, money and living space.

9. Closet
Only keep clothes, shoes, boots and accessories that you love or that make you feel fabulous. Donate the rest, even if expensive. Let others enjoy the items you don’t.

8. Say No
Graciously say ‘No thank you’ to low-priority tasks. Make peace with the idea that it’s not your mission to be everyone’s rescuer.

7. Bedtime Tidy
Make a habit of doing a quick tidy before bed. You’ll be more likely to start the next day in a good mood.

6. Viewing Policy
Only watch TV that meets your ‘Viewing Policy’; for example – it makes you laugh, learn or relax. Never be at the mercy of whatever’s on.

5. Social Networking
Limit your active social networking participation to one to three sites (unless networking online is your passion or business). Any more, and you’ll be spreading yourself thin and feeling overwhelmed. For me it’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (come and join me!).

4. Abandon Everyday Versus Guest
When it comes to crockery and cutlery, forget ‘everyday’ versus ‘guest’. Instead, have plenty of one attractive, replaceable, dishwasher/microwave/family-safe set.

3. Don’t Buy It
If you don’t need or love it, don’t buy it. Less stuff means less clutter in your home, more clarity in your head.

2. Ready Donation Box
Keep a donation box or bag somewhere handy. Any time you see something you don’t love or use – in it goes! Soon downsizing will be a habit.

1. Don’t Bring in the Mail
Open snail mail over your recycle bin. Ditch everything except for those items you need to (a) action (b) file (c) cancel.

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7 thoughts on “★Simplify Life Tips★ (Twitter Tweet Digest)

  1. Feng Shui Concepts says:

    Hi Michelle
    These are great tips, and i apply most of them to my own life. Another tip to eliminate junk mail is to “return to sender” and mark with “remove from mailing list” so eventually there is less rubbish to deal with from the mailbox.
    Jane 🙂

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  3. Michele Connolly says:

    Suggestions from other tweeps for Tip 4. Abandon Everyday Versus Guest

    – Pottery Barn’s Great White
    – Items by http://www.pfaltzgraff.com
    – Certain lines by Oneida (can be replaced individually)
    – Villeroy & Boch (this couple has had their set for 15 years – longer than their two kids!)

    Michele 🙂

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