Fresh Start: 12 Days of New Beginnings [Day 7: Personal Presentation]

Fresh Start: 12 Days of New Beginnings [Day 7: Personal Presentation]

I’m going to make 12 fresh starts in 12 life areas over the next 12 days.

I don’t expect to succeed at everything, but I want to give a bunch of things a try. Join me!

Day 1: Personal Development

My Day 1 Fresh Start was to raise my weights in Body Pump class for biceps and shoulders.


✔ Raised weights on days I’ve had Pump class. Starting to regain form, too.

Day 2: Health & Fitness

My Day 2 Fresh Start was to give up Smith’s Cheese & Onion Chips – at least for September.


✔ Six days chip-sober, but only just hanging in. Today I’m tired and headachy and feel that only C&O chips would make it better. Must. Resist. Chippies.

Day 3: Career & Business

My Day 3 Fresh Start was to refresh my website’s home page.


✔ Trying out a new home page. (Feedback very welcome – please leave a comment!)

Day 4: Fun & Recreation

My Day 4 Fresh Start was to listen to more fun music – rather than only podcasts and audiobooks.


✔ Loved my all-music Friday and plan to make it a weekly treat.

Day 5: Technology & Social Media

My Day 5 Fresh Start was to promote my new Facebook Professional Service Page.


✔ Sent a Page Suggestion to my Facebook friends on day 4, and have continued to promote my Page this week. (I’d love you to join, too!)

Day 6: Home

My Day 6 Fresh Start was to decide which of the two printers in my home office were better for my needs, and to remove the other.


✖ I’ve had a late night and busy day, all with a headachy overlay, and I haven’t done anything about the printers. Tomorrow!

Day 7: Personal Presentation

Today my fresh start is from category 3: To do more of something. I’m going to focus more on my posture – holding my shoulders back, core muscles in, and chin up. Oh – and smiling!

I’ll let you know how I go tomorrow when I make my eighth fresh start – in the Happiness life area.

What About You?

Think of your own Personal Presentation goals and plans. In what area could you:

  • Start something new or try something you haven’t done, eaten, read, or experienced before
  • Give up something – maybe a habit that undermines you or an obligation that weighs you down
  • Do more of something – be specific about ‘more’, but don’t be overly-ambitious
  • Do less of something – be specific about ‘less’, but don’t be overly-ambitious

I hope you’ll choose something and join me!

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6 thoughts on “Fresh Start: 12 Days of New Beginnings [Day 7: Personal Presentation]

  1. Tricia in England says:

    With regard to your craving for cheese and onion chips- you may need to satisfy that with some (hard) cheese to assist with muscle contractions. My favourite is Jarlsberg but I am also fond of mature cheedar and Danish Blue. The rest of your craving is probably for MSG – the bad news is that doesn’t go away for 4 – 6 weeks, and gets topped up every time you have a take away.

  2. Michele Connolly says:

    Hi Katherine,

    Thank you for your lovely comment.
    You’re very kind. ♥♥♥

    Michele 🙂

    PS Ever since leaving corporate life I’ve promised myself to use colors I love. No more navy and gray for me!

  3. Ritu wadhwa says:

    It’s funny for step forward,we move backwards too,that realization hit me when In my beauty salon one client said how we can loose 3 Lbs a week on this ab roller from Caldor store $9.99 wow! the excitement was incredible,then & there someone handed me a l6ox. potato chips, eating & daydreaming ,how I’ve llost 3 lbs a week, in 5 weeks l5 how about 7 weeks, now,I’ve lost 2l Lbs, but then I need to loose only l5 leaving some room for growth,& munching the chips till felt really bloated & out of my dream,never made it to the store which closed down in six months, I was right where I started worst than ever,only since then I know everything that’s human retrogrades if it does not advance,& your article show the advance yet how do u deal with where u retrograde,and the compensations to make or backshift ,would be interested to know further

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