Fresh Start: 12 Days of New Beginnings [Day 8: Happiness]

Fresh Start: 12 Days of New Beginnings [Day 8: Happiness]

I’m going to make 12 fresh starts in 12 life areas over the next 12 days.

I don’t expect to succeed at everything, but I want to give a bunch of things a try. Join me!

Day 1: Personal Development

My Day 1 Fresh Start was to raise my weights in Body Pump class for biceps and shoulders.


✔ Raised weights on days I’ve had Pump class. Starting to regain form, too.

Day 2: Health & Fitness

My Day 2 Fresh Start was to give up Smith’s Cheese & Onion Chips – at least for September.


✔ Seven days chip-sober – this is a record for me! Surely I’ve earned some kind of token by now?

Day 3: Career & Business

My Day 3 Fresh Start was to refresh my website’s home page.


✔ Trying out a new home page. (Feedback very welcome – please leave a comment!)

Day 4: Fun & Recreation

My Day 4 Fresh Start was to listen to more fun music – rather than only podcasts and audiobooks.


✔ Loved my all-music Friday and plan to make it a weekly treat.

Day 5: Technology & Social Media

My Day 5 Fresh Start was to promote my new Facebook Professional Service Page.


✔ Sent a Page Suggestion to my Facebook friends on day 4, and have continued to promote my Page this week. (Please join if you like this stuff!)

Day 6: Home

My Day 6 Fresh Start was to decide which of the two printers in my home office were better for my needs, and to remove the other.


✔ This was a hard decision because one printer has better function, the other better form. In this case I’m prepared to keep the less pretty one *bites knuckle* in order to have the feature benefits.

It feels great to get that decision made and my home office cleared. 🙂

Day 7: Personal Presentation

My Day 7 Fresh Start was to focus on my posture – holding my shoulders back, core muscles in, and chin up.


✔✖ I’ve been doing this intermittently, but it’s hard to stay aware. From tomorrow I’m going to wear a ring that’s a little irritating as a reminder – every time I adjust the ring, I’ll be reminded to straighten my posture.

Day 8: Happiness

Today my fresh start is from category 2 (see below): To give up something.

I’m going to give up watching movies that are ‘poignant’, ‘tragic’ or ‘heart-wrenching’. In the past I’ve chosen movies for the caliber of the writing, direction or performances, but no more! If it’s going to make me miserable, I’m going to pass. (I made this decision years ago about novels, and have felt much happier for it.)

Tomorrow I make my ninth fresh start – in the Money & Finance life area. See you then!

What About You?

Think of your own Happiness goals and plans.

if you want some inspiration, you might find some here:

In what area could you:

  • Start something new or try something you haven’t done, eaten, read, or experienced before
  • Give up something – maybe a habit that undermines you or an obligation that weighs you down
  • Do more of something – be specific about ‘more’, but don’t be overly-ambitious
  • Do less of something – be specific about ‘less’, but don’t be overly-ambitious

I hope you’ll choose something and join me!

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5 thoughts on “Fresh Start: 12 Days of New Beginnings [Day 8: Happiness]

  1. cheryl says:

    I too agree. I started the other day not watching the news before I go to sleep. It really has made a difference. Kind of the same as not watching depressing movies, etc. This is the best idea because it is very doable for everyone.

  2. Lucy says:

    Oh, do I applaud your decision to not watch or read anything that makes you miserable.

    Long ago I decided not to watch R rated movies. No Holocaust, no prisons, no grisly murders, no violent sex. Why would I want those images in my head? The last movie saw was ‘Julie & Julia’. I figured nothing bad would happen unless the beef bouruignon burned (which it did). That was my first movie in about three years which gives you a clue as to what is out there. (That movie was ‘The Queen’ which did have an upsetting moment or two, but worth it to see Helen Mirren.)

    As for novels, I usually only read mysteries in bed. I stay with the gentle ones – There is a body in the library. Oh my! – so that my stomach doesn’t hurt before I fall asleep.

    Just because someone makes a film or writes about something – even if it wins awards – doesn’t mean I have to make myself see the movie or read the book..

    It is great to have a say in what I will or will not let into my life.


  3. Barbara in GA says:

    Back from a short but lovely holiday with friends! For today’s fresh start, I think I’ll “do less” of those things that make me crazy: endless fundraisers, committee meetings and such.

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