health apps to stay active
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Health Apps to Help You Stay Active

Are you struggling to remain active? Technology can help. Mobile apps can help us remain mindful and conscientious about our activities, exercise, and diet. If you want to improve your motivation, consider some of these popular apps. 1. MyFitnessPal (iTunes | Android) MyFitnessPal is the leading all-in-one health app, which includes support for fitness trackers, exercise tracking, and diet tracking. You […]

how to stay healthy while working from home
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How to Stay Healthy and Active While Working From Home

Working from home offers some fantastic benefits. Not only is it easier to maintain work/life balance, but it’s also makes your lifestyle far more flexible. Unfortunately, it does come with some challenges, too. Working from home makes it more difficult to exercise, see friends and family, and generally stay healthy. Without any pressure to do […]

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The Connection Between Clutter And Anxiety and How To Manage It

Do you become frustrated and anxiety kicks in whenever you come home from work? You arrive home with toys all over, unwashed dishes, unfolded newspapers and magazines not placed in the rack, dirty clothes lying everywhere. Basically, your house is a mess as if a tornado has wreaked on havoc everything inside your house. Anxiety […]