Organize Email, Computer, Technology: Part 1

How To Organize Your Email, Computer, and Technology: Part 1


This month I’m simplifying my technology life. I used to be a techo-princess – totally on top of my inbox, files and all things computer-y.

But since moving from PC to Mac I’ve allowed stuff to fall between the cracks, gotten slack with my systems, and let email make me her bitch. And not in a good way.

Now I’m sick of feeling overwhelmed by the technology I used to love. So I’m reclaiming my techo-tiara and cleaning up my computer act.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be decluttering, streamlining and organizing my:

  • Email
  • Computer desktop
  • Computer Applications
  • Folders for Documents, Pictures, etc
  • Phone.

Would you like to join me?

With each step I’ll tell you what I’ve done and share tips for better managing and organizing your inbox, computer files and software applications. When it’s done, it will feel so very good.

So… who’s with me?


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