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10 Things Organized People Do Every Day

The Myth Of The ‘Born Organized’ Person

You are not born with an organizing gene!

With some people the skill does come more naturally, but it’s definitely something that can be mastered.

What Organized People Do Every Day

Here are a few things that organized people do every day…

  1. They have one to-do list and stick to it. You can find our free printable to-do lists here.
  2. They plan and prepare the night before.
  3. They establish morning and night routines that make their day easier.
  4. They can say no to things that do not fit into their daily plan.
  5. They systematically work through paper trails. Whether it be filing or mail, it is actioned in the moment.
  6. They spend 10 minutes every night tidying up.
  7. They keep on top of the laundry pile.
  8. They have a can-do attitude. If something doesn’t go to plan that day, they don’t see it as a setback. They make quick decisions and choose a new path.
  9. They let go of perfectionism.
  10. They feel happy and beat the feeling of overwhelm.

Do You Do What Organized People Do?

How many things on this list can you tick off?

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