30 Minute Blitz

The 30-Minute Blitz, Let’s Get It Done!

Do you find that some weeks are just crazy, hectic, oh my god someone please s-l-o-w down the clock!

This is my week, now.

A gazillion things to do and something has to give.

Oh, that’s you housework. Sorry!

Then I don’t give housework a moment’s thought until I start to see the build-up of neglect.

Pffft. Reality check: housework chores cannot be left to fend for themselves without consequence.

So this week, it’s all about the 30-minute blitz.

30-Minute Blitz

It’s pretty amazing what you can get done in 30-minutes (or less) when time is ticking.

Here are some of the blitz moments I’ve had:

1. Clean The Room That Irks You The Most

For me, that was the bathrooms. So I set my timer and off I went. Wiping, scrubbing, polishing for 30 mins.

2. Vacuuming The House, Without Dusting It First

With no time to systematically work my way through dusting, wiping, vacuuming, mopping I went straight to vacuuming.

No biggie for this week. It’s actually a nice little cheat strategy I’m going to employ again.

3. Spot Mopping

Baby (nappy) wipes are my best friend. I haven’t needed to use them on my children for years, but I still buy them because they are sooooo handy.

In this case, I used the nappy wipes to wipes marks off the tiles instead of getting the mop out and mopping the whole house.

4. Hide Laundry That Needs To Be Put Away

This week, the freshly washed and dried piles are stacked in a bundle in my spare room.

Why the spare room? Because you can close the door, and voilà!  What laundry pile?

I know some of you will be nodding, so please share what other 30-minute blitz strategies get you through a busy week.



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