Focus On Clutter Hurdles

Facing Your Biggest Decluttering Hurdle

Excuses, excuses! Do you like to hide behind those?

What’s the biggest decluttering hurdle you face? For lots of people it’s the lack of time. Or perceived lack of time!

For others, it’s the amount of clutter that needs to be sorted.

Mostly though, we can probably all agree, it’s about lack of motivation.

Let’s Break Down Decluttering Hurdles

Leo Babauta, Zen Habits founder, said that the clearing of clutter in daily life may lead you to focus on more important things, like finding happiness. So with little hurdles once surpassed, though they may appear so big in the present, it will be worth it.

Some of the common hurdles we hear about from our members when they are faced with decluttering tasks include the following.

  • Time

If you feel your time management skills are lacking, here are 4 easy tasks you can do every day that will help you use your time efficiently.

  • Motivation

Reboot your motivation with these small new beginnings.

  • Lack of Planning

Use our 10 quick tips to help you stay organized when you’re short on time and every minute counts.

  • Limited Skill

We can arm you with the right tools and mindset to help move you from procrastination to action!

  • Limited Physical Ability

Whether it be chronic illness or your need to work within limited time frames, we’ll get you from feeling helpless and overwhelmed to feeling organized and accomplished.

Redefine The Hurdle

Take some time time to plan around your decluttering hurdle.

Work, your own business, and sporting activities often derail the decluttering plans you have set. Most of your time may be allotted to work, family bonding and other hobbies. Chores time are only relegated to cleaning. Do you have weekends planned well? Be vigilant and really set aside a few hours. Make a systematic plan! Start from the easiest task first.

For those who think they lack skill (we’d rather think of it as “actionable knowledge”!) there is a stack of information available in our free blog posts that can help you get started. For those who lack physical ability we have a special article for you too!

So let’s get started! Get ready to embrace fulfilment, peace of mind and happiness! And the pure joy of never having to look for missing things ever again or hosting that house party without the rush cleanup!

More Tips For Decluttering

Here are a few articles that will inspire you to get moving with our short decluttering activities.

Got a spare 10 minutes? Try this!

Dealing with inherited clutter? Solutions are here!

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Tech-fans can find the latest decluttering apps here!

Long-term decluttering strategies can be found here!

And the biggest of course, is the focus on life and happiness. You’ll find our prescription for happiness here!

Be happy and start decluttering your life and home today. Don’t forget to check in and tell us how you’re going!

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