How to find a life coach

Do I Need a Life Coach?

A life coach can be a wonderful resource to help you become the person you want to be. If you’re looking for a personal one-on-one approach, then I would suggest finding a life coach in your area.

How to Find a Life Coach

You could browse Facebook for ideas, talk to your Doctor for suggestions, or ask friends who might have access to someone who can help you.

You can also reach out to an online coach if you don’t need face-to-face counsel. I think it really comes down to finding someone you connect with, who helps you move forward.

Online Life Coach Advice

Finding an online life coach

Our programs and worksheets offer online support, no calls or face-to-face meetings. Our founder, Michele, is a qualified life coach with a degree in psychology. There are three core strategies Michele works on when people come to her for life skills advice. These three key strategies are:

  1. Establishing routines
  2. Identifying Priorities
  3. Setting Goals.

Our blogs are full of free tips and advice on these areas. For example:

Programs To Help You Take Action and Move Forward

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Our paid programs have been designed to help you take action and move forward. You are given step-by-step advice on how to identify your priorities & stop procrastinating and what action you need to take to find success. One these programs would be suitable for you:

  • Design Your Life – a motivating way to have the life you want
  • Life & Goal Organizer – a motivating system of checklists, prompts & ideas to help you take charge of your life, organize your goals, and free your mind
  • 52 Organizing Missions – an achievable, motivating online program of 30-minute missions for decluttering, streamlining, simplifying, and organizing everything
  • To-Do Lists, Worksheets and Planners – this is a collection of downloads, not so much a course. But the idea is that you can plan and prioritize your home, work, life areas.

Programs Focusing on Different Areas of Your Life

Once you have a good foundation on what your goals and priorities are, we then have a bunch of specific courses that allow you to focus on different areas of your life. For example:

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