How do I use a digital planner or bullet journal to help with organizing my home?

How do I use a digital planner or bullet journal to help with organizing my home?

By using a digital planner or a bullet journal, you can organize more than just your day or your activities. You can also get help and guidance for organizing your home. That’s a very important part of why a bullet journal works so well for people, since living in an organized and clutter-free environment can be rewarding and relaxing. But living that way takes effort to achieve, especially if your house isn’t well-organized or you live with other people. Here are some things to consider when you’re thinking about using a digital planner or a bullet journal to help with your home’s organization.

1. What is a Bullet Journal?

A bullet journal is similar to a planner and calendar combination, with a bit of journaling added in. People use these journals to track everything from their water intake to the phases of the moon — it just depends what matters to them, or what they want to follow on a daily and weekly basis. By using a bullet journal, you can be more productive, accomplish more, and have something to look back on for important information. People choose all kinds of formats for their journals and the one you pick should be the one that works for your needs. There might be some trial and error involved, and that’s perfectly all right.

What is a Bullet Journal?

2. Standard Bullet Journal Terms

You can use any terms or phrases you want or like for your bullet journal or digital planner, but there are some commonly used terms you might see in your bullet journal research, too. These include: migration, spreads, trackers, and threading. The terms involve moving items from one location in the journal to another (or repeating them on a monthly basis), along with the way your journal is laid out. Additionally, the kinds of things you track, how you code your journal (colors, symbols, etc), and what areas of your journal link to other areas all matter when you really want to keep your life and your home organized.

3. How to Start a Bullet Journal

Getting started with your bullet journal is the fastest way to start organizing your home. But you’ll need a few things first. Supplies are important, because you want to be able to create and organize your journal without the need to keep going back to the store to get more things. Before buying your supplies, think carefully about what you want. Outside of the actual journal or notebook you choose, a lot of people also look for things like stickers, colored pens or pencils, different colors of tape, and other items you can use to mark different parts of your journal. All of these items can be important.

How to Start a Bullet Journal 

4. How to Organize Your Bullet Journal

There are two main ways that people use to organize their bullet journals. These are color coding and time/deadline coding. You can also organize the journal — or parts of it — by finances, household chores, and much more. When you want to organize your home, there are plenty of different options. Pick the ones that work best for your needs, so you can get things done each day but you don’t feel too overwhelmed. If something’s not working for you, feel free to make changes. You can always adjust your bullet journal or digital planner to suit you better.

5. Methods of Creating a Bullet Journal

The most common methods of creating a bullet journal are by month, week, and/or day. A lot of people use rapid logging to mark off specific short tasks that they do every day, or those once-a-month tasks that should always be completed but are often forgotten, like checking smoke alarm batteries or a furnace filter. Additionally, the number and type of actual bullets used, how some items are “nested” in other items, and the way you address and categorize tasks and events is all up to you and what works best for getting your home organized and operating smoothly and efficiently.

Methods of Creating a Bullet Journal

6. The Value of a Bullet Journal

The biggest value of a bullet journal is in its efficient and time-saving nature. It’s easy to carry around, easy to set up, and you can use a paper or digital version depending on what you need and like best. There’s no reason to settle for a method of organization that’s incomplete or doesn’t work for you, when a bullet journal can give you everything to organize your home in one convenient, portable package.

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