How to get organized when living on your own for the first time in a long time?

How to get organized when living on your own for the first time in a long time?

If you’re living on your own for the first time in a long time, you might be struggling to get organized. It can be very freeing and enjoyable to live alone. But you also have to consider the fact that you don’t have someone else to help you do things like organize your space. Depending on why you’re living alone, you also might have mixed feelings about having a space all to yourself. Here are some of the most important things to consider, so you can make your new, solo space one that’s organized and comfortable. That can give you more peace of mind, and really help you feel at home.

1. The Main Reasons for Living on Your Own

There can be all kinds of reasons for living on your own. Maybe you’ve moved out of your parents’ home for the first time ever, or you recently got out of a live-in relationship or marriage. You might have been sharing accommodations with a roommate. Possibly, you’ve lost a spouse or loved one and now find yourself alone. Whether being on your own is a cause for celebration or a more difficult time, having an organized space can help you feel better and more in control of your life and the things around you.

Let Yourself Realize That It Will Be Okay

2. Let Yourself Realize That It Will Be Okay

Worrying about the future is borrowing trouble that may never actually come about, and dwelling on the past will keep you from finding joy in the present. It’s time to move away from both of those things, and start focusing on you and where you are in your life right now. It might not be easy, but make sure you give yourself permission to have honest feelings about your situation. Reach out for help if you need it, and talk to a mental health professional if you’re really struggling. But also make sure you talk with yourself about how you are strong and capable, and how you can take this new path in life.

3. Keep in Contact With the People You Care About

Whether you’re reaching out to friends and family members who live locally, or you’re talking online in a private Facebook group with people you’ve never met, reaching out to others is important. Let them know your circumstances, and ask for help or support if you need it. Sometimes, just knowing that someone is listening and cares about you can really help you feel less overwhelmed. That can make the task of organizing your home and life a little easier.

Keep in Contact With the People You Care About

4. Write Down Your Own System of Organization

You don’t have to follow anyone else’s lead or rules, but you do need to be accountable to yourself. Think about the kind of organization you want to have, and set up a schedule and a plan that allows you to work on a life you feel good about. You can record things in a planner, on a whiteboard, or in any way that really works for you and meets your needs.

5. Decorate Your Place With Things You Love

To help your place feel like home, you’ll want to decorate. Think about the style you’ve always dreamed of having, or the colors you wanted to paint the walls but couldn’t because you were sharing your space. Now is your time to do all those things you wanted to do in the past. Plus, having a space that’s yours and that looks different from your previous space can make it easier to move on from the past mentally.

Decorate Your Place With Things You Love

6. Stay On Top of Your Budget

Your budget matters, and it may be tighter if you’re living alone. Record how much you spend at the grocery and on other things you buy, so you can see what your cost of living is like. You need to live within your means, and when you’re organized and accountable that can be much easier to do. Even if you need to cut back a little bit, you’ll see where and why. That can mean less stress and anxiety, overall.

7. Make Sure You Know Some Basic Maintenance

If something breaks or needs a minor repair, knowing how to fix it yourself can really save you a lot of money. You won’t need to call in a specialist, or you can at least make a quick fix that will work until you get a professional to come and take a look. By learning how to make simple repairs, you’ll also have pride in your work and build up your confidence for what you can do in the future.

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