How to clear out my basement, attic or garage?

How to clear out my basement, attic or garage?

When it comes to clearing out an attic, garage, or basement, it’s very important to make sure it’s done in a way that feels manageable. Fortunately, there are some ways that can be done while accomplishing a lot and keeping stress levels down. Here are some of the best tips to follow when doing these tasks, to make them feel easier and get them done faster.

1. Don’t Feel Like It Has to Get Done in a Day

There are many different ways to tackle a basement, garage, or attic clear-out. It doesn’t have to be completed all at once, and it’s not necessary to get it done in a day. In a lot of cases, it’s just not possible to do it in one day, even with help. That depends on how much is in the space, where those things are going, and how much sorting has to be done with the items, as well.

Don't Feel Like It Has to Get Done in a Day

2. Clear Things Out, to Really See What’s There

As things are removed from the space, create an inventory of those items. That way it’s easy to see what all was in the area and where things were. Labeling things can also make them easier to track at a later date, or when putting them back, donating them, or organizing them. Not everything will need a label, but the more items that are clearly marked the easier it is to work with them.

3. Toss the Things That Aren’t Needed

Broken items should definitely get tossed, but it’s also important to get rid of anything that just doesn’t need to stay. That can be things that don’t fit, aren’t used, or other people would enjoy but are only sitting in storage. If the items are in good working order, they can be sold or donated in order to get them out of the space and allow other people to purchase or receive them, instead.

4. Measure Out the Space Before Putting Anything Back

Before anything gets put back in the space, it’s important to know how big that space really is. That can make it easier to choose shelving or other storage solutions, and determine what can go back in the space and what needs to be stored elsewhere if it’s going to be kept. Measuring the space will make things less stressful in the future, so it’s worth taking the time to do.

Consider How the Space is Going to be Used

5. Consider How the Space is Going to be Used

Will the newly cleared area be used for something specific? Is it going to be a personal gym, a craft area, or a playroom? Maybe it’s going to be used for a tool shed, or or its purpose really will be just to store items. Knowing how it’s going to be used is a great way to be sure what needs to go back in it and where those items should be located.

6. Choose the Right Shelving Unit for the Space

Make sure the shelves that are selected fit the space, and are optimized for the way they need to be used. Should the shelves be vertical or horizontal? Do they need to lock or be attached to the wall? Are they going to be storing books or other specific items? All those kinds of things should be considered, in order to be sure of getting the right kind of storage solution that’s needed for the location.

7. Sort the Items Carefully, To Put Them in the Right Place

By grouping items according to use, and labeling any storage spaces properly, it’s far easier to have good organization for the items that are kept. It’s also much easier to find things when they’re needed later. That can be very important, depending on the kinds of items that are stored there and how often it becomes necessary to access those things.

Sort the Items Carefully, To Put Them in the Right Place

8. Put Loose Items in Clear Boxes

By putting small, loose items in clear storage containers, it’s far easier to see them and find them when they’re needed. With far less clutter and items that are organized and easily spotted, any basement, attic, or garage will feel like a much more welcoming and comfortable space whether it’s used only for storage for for other activities, as well.

It’s entirely possible to clear out, re-purposes, or organize a basement, attic, or garage. With a little advance planning and some thoughtful solutions, the space can be functional, useful, and valuable for the present and the future.

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  2. Jensen L says:

    I also want to add that the basement isn’t just filled with unwanted items and dust, but it also has some secret treasures hidden in it as well. It is just a matter of finding them. You might find valuable artifacts, old paintings, and other collectibles which your ancestors have left behind. You never know how valuable a particular item is unless you pull them out of your garage, attic, or basement and take it to get checked for its value.

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