How Can I Improve Work-Life Balance to Better My Mental Health?

How Can I Improve Work-Life Balance to Better My Mental Health?

Having a work-life balance is very important for many people today, but finding that balance and sticking with it can be difficult. In order to get a good balance that’s right for their needs, a lot of people have to consider what’s most important to them and whether they need to make big adjustments to their work schedule or the things they do in their spare time. Here are some things to consider:

1. Don’t Mix Work and Personal Time

When clocking out for the day, be sure to truly clock out. Don’t work after hours, and don’t check work emails or handle other employment-related tasks. Your time should belong to you, and if it doesn’t it might be because it’s hard to say no to people who keep asking for more and more. But there’s no reason to do that, and mixing work and personal time can leave just about anyone feeling exhausted and upset. At work, people should be working hard to get the job done. When they come home — or clock out if they’re working from home — they should be focused on their personal lives and not still thinking about work. That’s not always easy to do, but with practice it’ll become easier over time.

remember to leave your work at work

2. Set Firm Boundaries at Work

During working hours, make sure to set firm boundaries and don’t get drug into new projects or other things that people want help with. Saying no is okay, and sometimes it’s completely necessary. A person can only do so much with their time and mental energy. Protecting those things matters very much, and it’s highly important for people who are trying to develop a better balance between work and their personal life. With firmer boundaries at work, the balance between employment and enjoyment will be a better one.

3. Keep in Contact With Friends

Setting work boundaries is a big part of moving toward a work-life balance, but it’s also important to focus on the kinds of things that matter when not at work. One of those is keeping in contact with friends, even if it needs to be through online methods due to concerns over the virus. Whether there’s in-person on online interaction, having friends to talk to, reach out to, and do things with can make a big difference in the enjoyment of free time. Doing enjoyable things makes the time when not at work more rewarding, as well.

keeping in contact with friends

4. Use a Planner to Block Out Time

To make sure that both work and other parts of life are getting the attention they deserve, use a planner to block out time for activities and important events. That way each item can be completed, and one item won’t get done at the expense of others. That helps with balancing work and life, so there are fewer feelings of being overwhelmed and less stress to worry about.

scheduling a happy day

Having a family or big obligations may make the adjustment more complex, but it can still certainly be done by anyone who’s committed to addressing the issue. The most important way to have a good work-life balance, though, is to plan things out first so the changes that get made will stick and be sustainable.

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