Decluttering – Where to Begin?

Decluttering – Where to Begin?

An internet search reveals some interesting facts about clutter. For example, around one out of four Americans can’t fit any cars in their garages! Decluttering doesn’t just free up space; it has countless health, financial and social benefits to offer. However, you may have a hard time deciding how and where to start this process in your busy life.

1. Get Motivated

Get Motivated

Think about why you want to declutter. You could even make a list of reasons that matter to you. A more organized home can reduce distractions, speed up cleaning tasks and let you prepare for guests more easily. You might not need to rent a storage unit after banishing clutter; you’d probably save over $70 per month. Decluttering also means you won’t spend hours searching for lost items.

  • Less stress, anxiety
  • Raise your home’s value
  • Know exactly what you own
  • People will envy you

2. Where to Start

Where to Start

Don’t try to do everything at once; you’ll probably feel overwhelmed or discouraged. Begin to organize one thing at a time. You could start with the top of one table, dresser or counter. Remember that some decluttering is better than none; your house doesn’t need to look like a photo in a magazine. Give yourself credit for every step taken toward your goal rather than expecting perfection.

It may feel more satisfying to declutter one entire room before focusing elsewhere. Begin with a relatively small space like the bathroom, mudroom or even a vehicle. You might benefit from concentrating on places your guests are more likely to see. Be sure to prioritize tackling any clutter that creates tripping or fire hazards. The simplest explanation of the decluttering process is to organize things you need and give up items if they serve no purpose.

3. Planning Ahead

Make a fairly detailed plan; set goals regarding how soon you’ll declutter certain parts of your home. Reserve a specific amount of time in each day. You could also decide to get rid of a particular number of items. For example, your plan might call for 30 minutes of daily decluttering and letting go of enough belongings to fill a shoebox every day.

Planning Ahead

Stay committed and keep organizing your home throughout the year. Don’t let yourself fall behind; it’s much easier to maintain your progress than to catch up. Decluttering is rewarding in itself, but a few extra bonuses may help motivate you. Anything enjoyable is fine as long as it doesn’t add more stuff to your home. Go to a restaurant, buy a special meal at the grocery store, watch a movie or visit your favorite park.

Don’t worry about how you’ll accomplish everything; just get started and find ways to turn decluttering into a fun experience. Listen to enjoyable music while you organize things, or pretend the wastebasket is a basketball hoop. This doesn’t have to be a dull chore with distant benefits. Like any big goal, an organized home starts with a few simple tasks.

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