Start setting your personal goals for a happier life

Start Setting Personal Goals for a Happier Life this New Year

As the new year approaches, it’s a great time to think about setting positive personal goals. Many people have recently shifted toward goals involving new skills, travel, family life, or paying off debt, according to People magazine. These tips can help you choose and achieve your intentions.

1. Affirmations

If you begin each day by saying or thinking positive affirmations, you may find it easier to stay enthusiastic and reach your goals. An affirmation is basically a positive statement about yourself or your life. Here are a few simple examples:

  • “This is going to be an excellent day.”
  • “I have the ability to overcome any challenge.”
  • “There are many opportunities to succeed.”

2. Journal Writing

Write about your experiences in a journal at least once every week. Make a note of enjoyable moments, progress toward goals and interesting things that happened. As time passes, you’ll appreciate being able to read about past experiences in far more detail than you’d otherwise remember.

Start journal writing

3. Avoid Complaining

Try not to complain for the next three weeks. Complaining causes you and others to feel negative. That negativity may gradually spread to every part of your life, making it harder to achieve goals or enjoy anything. If something really bothers you, try to change it instead of complaining.

4. Think Gratefully

You’ll feel better when you think about what you have rather than focusing on what you lack. Personal goals might not seem so far out-of-reach when you consider the amazing things you already benefit from. Remember the good people in your life rather than those who bother you.

Likewise, it’s important not to take things for granted. Nothing is truly guaranteed, including life itself. If you have caring friends, good health or a safe, comfortable home, don’t wait until they’re gone to appreciate them.

5. Enjoy Nature

Consider adding the enjoyment of nature to your list of goals. Even if you live in an urban area, there are probably birds, trees and perhaps a river or bay nearby. See the sunset or watch clouds pass the moon on a windy night. You may find it surprisingly uplifting after days of chaotic schedules.

Enjoy the wonders of nature

6. Offer Praise

Like nature, a compliment doesn’t cost anything. Try setting a goal to give other people genuine compliments every day. You could praise how someone performed a task or comment on a positive trait, such as kindness, generosity or fairness. The person will feel better and be encouraged to continue behaving the same way.

As you work toward your personal goals, you don’t necessarily need to set a specific deadline to accomplish them. Just remember to think about your progress at least once every week in the year to come. This will help you make any adjustments needed to stay on course.

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  1. kingessays says:

    To be really very very honest I am always amazed when I actually look at you that despite being yourself so very knowledgeable how come you just keep benefitting others as well as helping others with it. Thanksgivings for the very knowledge sharing that you actually do for others.

  2. Mimi says:

    Thanks for your directions. 2021 is indeed a difficult year. But I already know how to navigate a better 2022. Hope good things come to everyone

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