30 Days to an Organized Home
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30 Days To An Organized Home


A power-decluttering program for getting rid of household clutter
in 5 or 10 minutes a day over 30 days.

128-page Interactive PDF.

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Product Description

What Is It?

30-Day Organize-athon Pack is a power-decluttering program for getting rid of household clutter in 5 or 10 minutes a day over 30 days.

30-Day Organize-athon
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The daily tasks:

  • Focus on targeting the most annoying and obvious clutter to give you fast results
  • Are presented in super-simple steps that anyone can follow
  • Include online check-ins to make you accountable and keep up momentum
  • Can be done every day for a month or whenever you like.

Who Is It For?

30-Day Organize-athon

30-Day Organize-athon Pack is perfect for:

  • People who want to declutter their home in one month
  • People who want to get their homes ready for moving or for a special occasion
  • People who are sick of clutter and want it gone now
  • People who want to kickstart their home-organizing project before starting 52 Organizing Missions.

What Do You Get?

30-Day Organize-athon

30-Day Organize-athon Pack includes:

  • Downloadable PDF workbook containing 30 x 5-minute decluttering tasks over 128 pages
  • Interactive to-do lists
  • Online task check-ins
  • Online 5-minute timer.

What Will You Gain?

30-Day Organize-athon

30-Day Organize-athon Pack will guide you to:

  • Declutter Your Living Area
  • Clear Out Your Hanging Closet
  • Organize Your Kitchen Utensils
  • Declutter Your Bathroom Cabinets
  • Organize Your Household Information Center
  • Freshen Up Your Crockery & Glassware
  • Organize Your Books, DVDs, and/or CDs
  • Organize Your Linen Closet
  • Organize Your Laundry
  • Organize Your Garage
  • Organize Your Shoes
  • Declutter Your Car’s Glove Box
  • Organize Your Pots, Pans and Cookware
  • Organize Your Paperwork
  • Declutter Your Home Office
  • Organize Your Underwear
  • Declutter The Kids’ Toys
  • Organize Your Storage Containers
  • Organize Your Outgoing Space
  • Organize Your Fridge
  • Organize Your Pantry
  • Declutter Your Bag
  • Organize Your Goals
  • Organize Your Bedside Area
  • Declutter Your Surfaces
  • Declutter Your Exercise and Sports Equipment
  • Declutter By Donating A Dozen
  • Organize Your Grooming Supplies (And Save Time And Money Too)
  • Mindset Shift #1: Adopt OCI-OGO
  • Mindset Shift #2: Make It A Habit To Avoid Clutter.

“I literally did with my first mission what I really thought i would never be able to do. God do i feel wonderful, powerful, accomplished right now… you played an integral role in giving me tools to begin my day off with a blaze of optimism, accomplishment, and all the good stuff I said above.”

Harry Panitch

Because LGO maintains both comprehensiveness AND specific task-setting, it has enabled me to make sense of my messy life. When I sit down with your worksheets, I feel good, relieved… I cannot describe how powerful it is to shift focus from what’s WRONG with one’s present life, to instead place the final meaning on the question of ‘What is it that I want, and by what method do I mean to get there?…I just wanted to take the time to write you and thank you for the great service you have done for my life. I’d like to think there are others like me whose quiet lives of desperation might be saved by the totally unique function that your product offers. There is no other one like it: I’ve searched long and hard.”

Skye Synnestvedt

“I have been using your Life & Goal Organizer for a little over a week now. I just wanted to say thank you. For quite some time, I had been looking for ways to change so many things in my life and these tools cover everything I’ve wanted to change, and more.”

Jessica Hart

Michele, as I continue this massive purging, I am thinking about the fact that twice in the past I have hired a professional organizer to come in and help and advise me. Both suggested all kinds of systems… (the 2nd one actually found that the systems were there) but neither suggested this first step of purging! And it is not only having the step but supporting us with the logic that allows us to get rid of it when coming up with reasons for why to keep all this stuff. It has been gut wrenching and I could probably use a little therapy as a result :-), but I know that it is going to change my life when it’s done! Thank you!

Terri Beeler

Thanks for making this simple! There are plenty of these type of plans out there but I needed KISS, Keep It Simple, Sweetie. The best part for me was “Move fast. Don’t over-think.” That’s me in a nutshell; dwell, dwell, dwell. I am very fond of gentle nudges and yours are the best!

Glenna Peterson

Michele, just wanted to say thank you for your fab advice and excellent work. I have a very busy business that seems to consume my time but have managed to get a little break over this holiday and am now looking at your time management strategies and have put a couple of things into my planning that should make a big difference.

Judith Cochrane

“I have NEVER seen such beautiful and easy to use forms on PDF. I’m loving working with your documents and information. Thank you.”

Deb Wood

“Love, love, LOVE the Get Organized site, and the brilliant lists. You made me a very happy girl today.”

Merije VinkThe Netherlands

“I purchased the Premium Pack about 2 weeks ago and I’m almost finished going through the 12 areas of my life. I am so focused, almost addicted, to the program that I just want to keep going.”

Karen Perkins

“Love the products I have purchased from you and you have great support staff.”

Shari Santella