Benefits of open shelving your kitchen

Benefits of Open Shelving Your Kitchen

Chances are good that the one room in your home that has the most items is the kitchen. From fresh ingredients to various packaged, processed items to the various pieces of equipment you use to prepare meals, there’s a lot to keep track of. There are also plenty of opportunities for the kitchen to wind up getting cluttered and difficult to work in because of the mess.

This is why so many individuals turn to open shelving when it comes to keeping their kitchen neat and organized. 

There are a number of benefits to open shelving for you to consider:

1. Open Shelving has a Warm and Welcoming Look

If your kitchen has been looking drab and dreary lately, you can upgrade its appearance quickly, just by installing some open shelving. Your local home improvement store will have a range of shelf options from which to choose.  

Installing open shelving in the kitchen instead of hiding items inside of cabinets makes it look much warmer. Since people tend to congregate in the kitchen, making the room more welcoming with open shelves will encourage conversations.

modern kitchen with utensils on open shelves

2. It Makes Your Kitchen Much Wider and Cozy

Adding cabinets will take up more room, and if your kitchen is already on the small side, it make sense to put in open shelving instead. The room will seem wider while also still feeling cozy.

woman in blue dress holding a yellow bowl

3. You Can See Your Kitchen Tools at One Glance

Imagine how much easier meal prep and actual cooking will be when you can see every tool just by casting your eyes across the kitchen. You don’t need to memorize where everything is, as happens when tools are stored in drawers or inside cabinets. Visualizing different tools in a single glance can also inspire you to cook something different that day.

clear glass jars on rack

4. Open Shelving Increases Your Storage Options

If you tend to buy gadgets for the kitchen but then wind up not using them as often as you had imagined, your current storage situation may already be close to full. Open shelving is a clever way to expand your storage options. 

Open Shelving Increases Your Storage Options

5. It’s Budget-friendly

Homeowners who are on a limited budget often prefer to change the look of their kitchen with a do-it-yourself project instead of hiring professionals. That’s a good idea, since it’s trivial to purchase the items you need for this home improvement effort. 

It’s something easy you can do on a weekend that will make an impact for years to come. And when it’s time to put your home on the market, a well-organized kitchen with open shelving will make it all the more attractive to potential buyers.

lady in a striped dress carrying a piggy bank

6. Meal Preparation In Your Kitchen Will Be Easier With Open Shelving

Adding open shelving to your kitchen may be just what you need to use this room more efficiently. It will make meal preparation go faster since you’ll see everything you need to use, and you’ll enjoy the fresh and inviting look. The fact that open shelving is easy on the pocketbook makes it all the more attractive for anyone looking to make better use out of their space.

Meal Preparation In Your Kitchen Will Be Easier With Open Shelving

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  2. Sabrina Addams says:

    I liked how you said that open shelving can help your kitchen to feel larger if you are working with a smaller space. My friend is thinking about different ways she can make her small kitchen feel larger than it is. I wonder if she would like to try this out and experiment with different materials.

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