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Kitchen Placement – What’s the Most Efficient Placement for Drawers and Cupboards?

When it comes to where to store things in the kitchen, cupboards and drawers are the most common options. Some people also have pantries to store things in, but that’s not always the case. Even the most organized person can struggle in the kitchen, too, because there are so many items that are generally used for cooking and preparing meals, along with serving those meals to others. Fortunately, there are ways to get organized in the kitchen. That way it’s easier to prep meals, faster to clean things up afterward, and easier to feel relaxed and comfortable in the space. Here’s what to think about in kitchen placement.

1. What Goes in Drawers Vs. Cupboards?


Generally, items that go in drawers include silverware, spatulas, serving spoons, pot holders, and similar things. Cupboards are generally reserved for pots, pans, dishes, and glassware. But there may be some exceptions to this rule, depending on the number of cupboards and drawers a person has. If there are very few drawers, for example, items that typical would be placed in a drawer may need to be stored in a cupboard. To do that safely, a person may need to have storage containers or other options, so they can keep items organized and stored neatly in a location they wouldn’t typically use for those particular utensils.

2. Organize Items by Frequency of Use

Knowing how often an item is used is important, because some items are going to be brought out of a cupboard or drawer more frequently than others. If something’s really getting a lot of use, it’s better to make sure it’s closer to the front of the cupboard or in a drawer that’s easy to access. If it’s tucked away or located somewhere that’s inconvenient, it will be a source of frustration when it’s needed. Rather than have that problem in the kitchen, put all the commonly used items close to the front of their cupboards, or all in one location where they can be easily accessed.

3. Keep Items Near Where They are Needed


If there are appliances used by the sink, keeping them under the sink cabinet is often the best choice. The same is true for items that are used on the stove — they should be stored near the stove. That way they can be quickly accessed when needed, and they’ll be nearby and convenient. Fortunately,  most kitchens are designed with cupboard and drawer space that’s located near the major appliances and work surfaces. That gives anyone who’s working in the kitchen the opportunity to use the space more efficiently and reduces the stress of cooking or preparing meals.

4. Maximize the Available Storage Space


Especially for people who have small kitchens, using the storage space in the best and most economical way is important. There are plenty of good storage containers and other options that can be used so that pots and pans can be stacked, utensils stay in one place, and everything in the kitchen is located where it should be. Depending on the kinds of storage solutions a person needs, finding something locally can be the right choice. There are also online ordering options to consider, allowing for a person to get the best items for their particular kitchen storage needs. That can make cooking a lot more convenient.

5. Let Go of Items That are Not Being Used

Nearly everyone has some things in their kitchen that just aren’t seeing much — or any — usage. If that’s the case, getting rid of those items can really make things easier and simpler. Carefully go through the kitchen, cupboard by cupboard, and look for the things that haven’t been used in a long time. Most people have a lot of extra mugs and glasses, along with appliances they don’t use any longer and other items, scattered throughout their kitchen. If that’s the case, getting those things out and donating them or throwing them away can make the kitchen feel bigger and help with storage space, too.

The most efficient placement in a kitchen will vary a little bit, based on what a person needs and how they cook and prepare meals. Finding what works for each individual is important, and that can be done by organizing items, getting rid of what’s not needed, and working to maximize the overall space.

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