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21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge

Welcome to Day 2.

Today we’re going to start thinking about what really matters. Those things that get forgotten or crowded out by the everyday chaos of life.

Choose Option 1 for the quick and easy version or Option 2 if you want to go deeper.

Here’s today’s Simplify Your Life Challenge…

Option 1 (10-15 Minutes)

Step 1.

Turn to a new page in a notebook, or open a new document on your computer or note on your phone/device.

Step 2.

Make a list of the things that matter most in your life right now.

Don’t just write what you think should be on your list – write what you actually do care about. No one else needs to see your list, and you can delete or destroy it when we’re done if you want. So take this opportunity to face reality and be honest. Don’t censor yourself – just write. Fast!

Remember to make your list about now – you can re-do this exercise any time your priorities change.

For example, your list might include some of these:

  • My health
  • Losing weight
  • My marriage/relationship
  • My kids
  • My career
  • My appearance
  • My friends
  • My golf swing
  • My happiness
  • My volunteer work
  • My business
  • My fitness
  • My sex life
  • My cooking skills
  • My relaxation/time out.

Step 3.

Now go through your list and pick out your 5 top priorities.

These are the areas you want to focus on for the next few weeks. Don’t over-think this – you can revise or update any time.

Step 4.

Place your list where you’ll see it every day. Make multiple copies and put it in many places if you like – but choose your locations based on how personal the list is.

Ideas include:

  • On a post-it on the fridge, bathroom mirror, your computer screen, inside your wallet
  • Saved as a note in your phone
  • Saved as your phone wallpaper and/or lock screen
  • Taped to the outside of the shower screen, but facing in at eye level
  • Inside your make-up/utensil/bedside drawer.

Make sure your list is somewhere you’ll see it every day.

Step 5.

For the rest of our 21-day challenge, we’re going to read this list daily, preferably several times a day. The constant reminder will help to keep us aware of making these 5 priorities genuine priorities in our lives.

And that will help us simplify choices about:

  • How to spend your time
  • What to say yes to
  • What to say no to
  • What to let go of
  • Who to give emotional energy to
  • Who to not give emotional energy to.

Option 2 (Extended)

For each of your 5 priorities choose a step you’ll take or task you’ll complete this week.

Now put each of these 5 items into your schedule for the coming week.

Take a Pic

Take a picture of your list, or of 1 item from your list that’s not too personal.

Post your pic to Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter using hashtag #21DaySimplify. Search this hashtag to see other people’s pics.


Rule#1: Don’t Over-Think

We are simplifying. If you find yourself trying to complicate this, then b-r-e-a-t-h-e and relax.

Rule #2: Move Quickly.

You can’t over-think or be a perfectionist if you stay in action mode. Keep moving.

Rule #3: Let It Go.

You cannot simplify if you’re determined to keep everything, hold on to every habit, and fight every change. Let. It. Go.

Check In

How do you feel about your list? Did something unexpected show up among your priorities?

Please leave a comment to stay accountable and to let me know how today’s challenge was for you.

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