How To Get Organized With The Premium Subscription

Get Organized Wizard Premium Subscription

Get Organized Wizard Premium Subscription


As we approach the start of a new year I’m getting lots of questions about the Premium Subscription –
and how to use it to get organized, be more productive, get rid of clutterset and achieve goals, and even lose weight and improve business.

So I’ve put together a little Q&A…

What Exactly Is The Premium Subscription?

Premium Subscription is an annual subscription to receive all the products in our store*. Currently these products would cost $640 if purchased separately. Your annual fee is charged on the anniversary of your subscription each year.

From time to time new products are added, existing products are updated, and exclusive bonuses are released (see more below). At any time you can view all the products in the Premium Subscription by clicking on the Included Products tab.

*Excludes weight-loss apps and organizing apps available on the iTunes store and Kindle books available on Amazon.

What Happens When New Products Are Added?

We add new products and programs from time to time. When we add them to the store, they’re automatically added to your account.

For instance, since we launched the Premium Subscription in September, we’ve added:

When we add new products and programs to the store, they’re automatically added to your account.

Is There Extra Stuff Just For Premium Subscribers?

We’ll also be adding occasional bonuses exclusively for Premium Subscribers.

These won’t be available for separate purchase – only Premium Subscribers will be able to access them.

Can I Cancel?

You can cancel at any time, and it’s super-easy. Simply log in to your My Account page and under My Subscriptions click Cancel – that’s it!

But by canceling you lose access to your programs, bonuses, and new stuff.

And why would you want to? Premium Subscription is kind of ridiculous value.

Can I Upgrade?

If you’ve made a purchase since we launched the new store in late September, then we can upgrade you to a Premium Subscription.

Simply contact with your order details and they’ll provide you with a discounted coupon code.

What Happens When The Price Goes Up?

The price of the Premium Subscription will rise early next year.

As more products are added to the Premium Subscription, the price will rise further. Of course it will always stay great value!

However – and this is important – your subscription price will be locked in at the price it is when you join.

Regardless of the current Premium Subscription price, your annual price will not change.

That’s a great reason to become a Premium Subscriber today!

Your subscription price will be locked in at the price it is when you join. Regardless of the current Premium Subscription price, your annual price will not change.

What’s The Difference Between An Online Program And A Downloadable Product?

The Premium Subscription includes a mix of:

  • Online programs, such as 14 Days To An Organized Closet, that you log in and access online. You can read the content, check in with your progress, ask questions, and participate – all from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. In the new year we’ll be adding several more of these online programs.
  • Downloadable, interactive PDFs that you can save to your computer. These can be read onscreen or printed out. Most are fully interactive – meaning you can type, edit, save, and click on active hyperlinks.

Where Should I Start?

Think of your Premium Subscription as a bundle of goodies from which you can pick and choose. Don’t try to use everything at once.

We each have different levels of motivation at different times. The Premium Subscription lets you surf your waves of interest and desire. You can take advantage of your natural motivation and get great results – but without beating yourself up.

Premium Subscription lets you surf your waves of interest and desire. You can take advantage of natural motivation and get great results – without beating yourself up.

For example:

The idea is to use what you need as you feel inspired.

But always be doing something.

Small but continual changes over time will change your life.

Small, continual changes over time will change your life.

Learn more about the Premium Subscription.

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