5 Home Organization Strategies for Busy People

You can have an organized home

I was recently asked this question on my Facebook Professional Page:


I don’t have a lot of energy to organize my house. I need quick tips that will help me get going.


Here are 5 house-organizing strategies, from previous posts, that don’t need a big effort or a lot of time. But these 5 ideas can certainly help you have a less cluttered and more organized home.

5 Ways To Organize Your Home When You’re Low on Time And Energy

1. Make quick decisions

2. Include cleaning up as part of every single task

3. Have less stuff

4. Go for quick fixes

5. Do 30 minutes at a time

Do you have home organization tips for busy people that you’d like to share?
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15 thoughts on “5 Home Organization Strategies for Busy People

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  2. Arkaa says:

    This benefits of decluttering your home and life. It’s true that owning fewer possessions can make a big difference in your stress levels, finances, and overall happiness. The ten creative decluttering tips are also very helpful, especially for those who are just starting out. I particularly like the idea of starting with just five minutes a day, as it makes the process seem less overwhelming. The Four-Box Method is also a great way to declutter systematically and make sure that you’re not skipping over anything. Overall, this is a great resource for anyone looking to simplify their life and get rid of unnecessary clutter.

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  4. Heather Sinclair says:

    Great much needed and life changing tips. It is taking me such a long time to organise. I keep doing changes all the time. Last night I was in bed at 9.30pm, awake and up at 3.30am cleaning and organising my medical and batteries and boot shines. Than back to bed. I did buy a nice new bright Burgandy rug for the floor. Getting better all the time.
    I am soo excited to see the changes, just can’t wait to keep doing more. Knowing it will take a long time to get through all cupboards, photo’s, office papers, sewing cupboard and computer. At least I can see the changes I am making.

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