Fresh Start: 12 Days of New Beginnings [Day 10: Relationships]

Fresh Start: 12 Days of New Beginnings [Day 10: Relationships]

I’m making 12 fresh starts in 12 life areas over 12 days.

I don’t expect to succeed at everything, but I want to give a bunch of things a try. Come on and join me!

Day 1: Personal Development

My Day 1 Fresh Start was to raise my bicep and shoulder weights in Body Pump class.

Report: ✔ Still challenging, but now loving the tougher weights.

Day 2: Health & Fitness

My Day 2 Fresh Start was to give up Smith’s Cheese & Onion Chips – at least for September.

Report: ✔ Missing the chips but getting used to life without them. *scratches head* Huh.

Day 3: Career & Business

My Day 3 Fresh Start was to refresh my website’s home page.

Report: ✔ Trying out new home page. (Please leave a comment if you have any feedback.)

Day 4: Fun & Recreation

My Day 4 Fresh Start was to listen to more fun music, not just podcasts and audiobooks.

Report: ✔ Instituted ‘all-music/no-work iPod day’ on Fridays.

Day 5: Technology & Social Media

My Day 5 Fresh Start was to promote my new Facebook Professional Service Page.

Report: ✔ Been building up content and promoting the Page. (Please join if you like this stuff!)

Day 6: Home

My Day 6 Fresh Start was to remove one of two printers from my home office.

Report: ✔ Love having my space back.

Day 7: Personal Presentation

My Day 7 Fresh Start was to focus on posture – holding shoulders back, core muscles in, and chin up.

Report: ✔✖ Finding it difficult to remember to do this. (I’ve gotten used to the ring I was using as a reminder.)

Day 8: Happiness

My Day 8 Fresh Start was to give up watching ‘poignant’, ‘tragic’ or ‘heart-wrenching’ movies.

Report: Nothing to report – haven’t had a movie night yet.

Day 9: Money & Finance

My Day 9 Fresh Start was to claim for gym membership from my health fund.

Report: ✔ Have done the groundwork and will get the paperwork at my next medical appointment.

Day 10: Relationships

Today my fresh start is from category 3 (see below): To do more of something.

I’ve made some lovely friends at the gym, but tend to just chat in passing when I’m there. From now, I’m going to stay and have coffee once a week, or schedule other times to see them.

I’ll let you know how I go tomorrow, when I make my eleventh fresh start – in the Time Management life area. See you then!

What About You?

Think of your own Relationships.

In what area could you:

  • Start something new or try something you haven’t done, read, or experienced before
  • Give up something – maybe a habit that undermines you or an obligation that weighs you down
  • Do more of something – be specific about ‘more’, but don’t be overly-ambitious
  • Do less of something – be specific about ‘less’, but don’t be overly-ambitious

If you want inspiration, you might find some here:

I hope you’ll choose something and join me!

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One thought on “Fresh Start: 12 Days of New Beginnings [Day 10: Relationships]

  1. Jessica says:

    For day 10 I have decided that on my break from school on Mondays I am going to stay on campus and have lunch with a girl from my class

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