Fresh Start: 12 Days of New Beginnings [Day 11: Time Management]

Fresh Start: 12 Days of New Beginnings [Day 11: Time Management]

I’m making 12 fresh starts in 12 life areas over 12 days.

I don’t expect to succeed at everything, but I want to give a bunch of things a try. Come join me!

Day 1: Personal Development

My Day 1 Fresh Start was to raise my bicep and shoulder weights in Body Pump class.

Report: ✔ Still challenging, but now loving the tougher weights.

Day 2: Health & Fitness

My Day 2 Fresh Start was to give up Smith’s Cheese & Onion Chips – at least for September.

Report: ✔ Missing the chips but getting used to life without them.

Day 3: Career & Business

My Day 3 Fresh Start was to refresh my website’s home page.

Report: ✔ Trying out new home page. (Please leave a comment if you have any feedback.)

Day 4: Fun & Recreation

My Day 4 Fresh Start was to listen to more fun music, not just podcasts and audiobooks.

Report: ✔ Instituted ‘all-music/no-work iPod day’ on Fridays. Love it!

Day 5: Technology & Social Media

My Day 5 Fresh Start was to promote my new Facebook Professional Service Page.

Report: ✔ Been building up content and promoting the Page. (Please join if you like this stuff!)

Day 6: Home

My Day 6 Fresh Start was to remove one of two printers from my home office.

Report: ✔ Love having my space back.

Day 7: Personal Presentation

My Day 7 Fresh Start was to focus on posture – shoulders back, core muscles in, and chin up.

Report: ✔ Starting to become a habit.

Day 8: Happiness

My Day 8 Fresh Start was to give up watching ‘poignant’, ‘tragic’ or ‘heart-wrenching’ movies.

Report: ✔ Don’t give them a second look at the video store.

Day 9: Money & Finance

My Day 9 Fresh Start was to claim for gym membership from my health fund.

Report: ✔ Have done the groundwork and will get the paperwork at my next medical appointment.

Day 10: Relationships

My Day 10 Fresh Start was to stay and have coffee once a week with my gym friends.

Report: ✔ Stayed and chatted on Friday and will make this semi-regular.

Day 11: Time Management

Today my fresh start is from category 2 (see below): Give up something.

I’m going to give up multi-tasking on home and personal tasks. I often have to go back and re-do or check something (did I lock the door?) because I didn’t give it enough attention at the time. Instead, I’m going to focus my attention on one thing at a time.

I’ll let you know how I go tomorrow, when I make my twelfth and final fresh start – in the Family life area. See you then!

What About You?

Think of your own Time Management goals and plans.

In what area could you:

  • Start something new or try something you haven’t done, read, or experienced before
  • Give up something – maybe a habit that undermines you or an obligation that weighs you down
  • Do more of something – be specific about ‘more’, but don’t be overly-ambitious
  • Do less of something – be specific about ‘less’, but don’t be overly-ambitious

If you want inspiration, you might find some here:

I hope you’ll choose something and join me!

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