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Welcome to Day 3 of the 30-Day Weight Loss-athon! Today we make a very important mindset shift – one that can support or sabotage you as you fight the fat.

I suggest you read through the steps first, then take 10 minutes to complete them.

We only have 10 minutes, so you need to move fastact quickly and stop over-thinking. Just throw yourself in. Ready?

20 thoughts on “Day 3: Trade Your Judge’s Robe For A Lab Coat

  1. Jenny says:

    I’ve given myself a good pep talk with the scientist’s coat on. I’m doing well so far on a new healthy eating regime and I’m going to keep telling myself that I can do it! Reading comments other folk have made on this post ring many bells, especially the “eating too much for breakfast” comments. I am going to get more of a balance each day by planning my meals ahead of time. I’m aiming to lose 1/2 stone by end March, which isn’t too much so I think I can do that if I stick to my guns…

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