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Here we are at Day 4 of the 30-Day Weight Loss-athon. Today we turn to that dreaded downfall of wannabe-weight-losers everywhere – the diet.

Read the steps first, then take 10 minutes to complete them.

We only have 10 minutes, so move fastact quickly and stop over-thinking. Just throw yourself in. Ready?

25 thoughts on “Day 4: Tweak Your Diet

  1. Fitness says:

    I am very excited about weight loss in 30 days. My weight gained 100 pounds during the vacations. I’m in trouble and trying to lose weight, but I do not have a proper diet plan. Thank you for providing the 30 days weight loss Athon with a diet plan.

  2. Albert Jhon says:

    I am curious about weight gain because I’ve already lost weight. Now I work out at the gym and eat rice, red meat, potatoes and other starchy foods. I drink a lot of milk and make my own protein smoothies because these smoothies are a great way to gain weight quickly and easily.

  3. Jenny says:

    This year’s New Year’s resolution is: “no drinking alone at home” as I’ve been doing far too much of that. So it’ll be more or less weekends only for the booze. My other downfall is snacking as soon as I get in from work as I am always starving. I have now designated a small bowl that I can measure crisps into so that I don’t eat half a family sized pack. I will also have instant Miso soup around the place so through the winter, I can make myself some of that as soon as I get in to stave off the hunger pangs until I have cooked. I really like Michelle’s “yeah, no” idea!

  4. Michelle says:

    Fast food is a killer for me: it makes me fat AND I feel rotten afterwards. Put “yeah, no” on my debit card. I know what it means… lol

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