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52 Organizing Missions

Welcome to Mission 23 of our 52 Get Organized Missions.

Good relationships have many health and longevity benefits, yet we rarely consider how we can improve our friendships.

This week, over the next 3 steps and 30 minutes, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

If you’ve completed the previous mission Get Organized Mission 22: Organize Your Bathroom, congratulations. This next mission will take you in a totally different direction.

Remember: you only need 30 minutes for the basic mission. Extended Options are below.
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2 thoughts on “Mission 23: Enjoy Good Relationships

  1. terryl1776@yahoo.com says:

    Our group responses are as follows: De-clutter your negative friends and relatives. Make a list of your true friends which will include the main people who occupy your discretionary time. Example: you meet your friends/relatives weekly; bi-monthly; three weeks or monthly for socialization.
    Include people with whom you socialize, share drinks or meals, play sports, meet for coffee, have parties, or engage in activities or hobbies. Example: you shouldn’t eat hall’s sugar free cough drops because aspartame will give you cancer [that does not mean that it will give you a disease].
    Include those you regularly meet in person, by phone or online who are dependable friends and relatives who are there for you whenever you need them. A true friend will be there for you always regardless of the circumstances.
    Eliminate toxic relationships including dysfunctional and negative people.
    The positive people on your list for chatting/telephoning; socialite; dating; movie/cable; Facebook for chatting with friends around the world including personal photos/videos
    Happiness is not a goal it’s a process [the journey].
    Eliminate responding to negative people including relatives.

    • Kylie Browne says:

      It can be difficult to declutter negative friends but it’s worth it. You may be able to cut someone out immediately, but often it takes a little-by-little approach of pulling back and distancing yourself from toxic people. Enjoy the happy, positive people in your life! Thanks to the group. 🙂

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