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52 Organizing Missions

Welcome to Mission 48 of our 52 Get Organized Missions.

If your kids and their bedrooms need an organization intervention, then read on.

In this mission we’ll declutter, tidy, and teach the kids some fabulous new habits.

If you gained inspiration from the previous mission Get Organized Mission #47: Declutter Your Thinking Habits, then here’s your chance to pass positive habits on to your kids.

Remember: you only need 30 minutes for the basic mission. Extended Options are below.
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2 thoughts on “Mission 48: How To Organize Your Kids & Their Bedrooms

  1. terryl1776@yahoo.com says:

    Our group doesn’t have any children so we decided to do pets.
    Daily: Clean the bowl with the food. Scoop the clumps out of the litter box.
    Every 2 Days: Clean their water bowl.
    Weekly: Change the litter box.
    Monthly: Purchase Litter and Food for your pet.
    My cat does have her own bedroom and it is maintained.

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