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52 Organizing Missions

Welcome to the seventh of our 52 Organizing Missions.

So far we’ve spent our 30-minute missions decluttering our homes, detoxing our handbags, briefcases and cars, sorting our bills and messages, and saying no to free stuff we simply don’t need.

This week we deserve a reward! So this week’s mission is all about being happy.

Yep, we’re going to spend some time noticing the things we enjoy and then (here’s the shocking part) doing them!!

Please don’t neglect this mission. I promise you’ll be glad you ignored the little voice in your head telling you this stuff is frivolous or selfish. The little voice might be surprised to discover that happiness is linked to a bunch of benefits for you and for your family, workmates, employers, friends and community.

And remember – it is only 30 minutes.


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5 thoughts on “Mission 7: Be Happy!

  1. terryl1776@yahoo.com says:

    The following are our group decisions and ideas to get you going:
    1. Being reunited with your kids
    2. Take a 15 minute nap
    3. Watch TV Game Shows: Wheel of Fortune; 100,000 Pyramid; Jeopardy; Price is Right; Let’s Make A Deal; Family Feud
    4. 1 or 2 Hours of ME time per day
    5. Take a nice relaxing bubble bath
    6. Walk daily for your health
    7. Playing online computer games
    8. Play board or card games with friends
    9. Go to Bingo Hall and play bingo
    10. Cooking and eating at home is healthier for you
    11. Spending quality time with your pet[s]
    12. People-watch riding the bus
    13. Expanding your knowledge of your area ride different bus lines
    14. Springbok Jigsaw Puzzles in the winter months: yes they are frame able

    Like · Reply · 1 · Nov 11, 2016 9:00am

    Get Organized Wizard
    People-watching is under-rated! 🙂
    Reply · Nov 22 2016

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