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52 Organizing Missions

Welcome to Mission 8 of our 52 Organizing Missions.

One of the simplest ways to live a more organized life is to have less stuff – in fact, the less you have, the easier it is to get organized and stay organized.

So in this mission we’re going to get rid of 50 pieces of clutter from your home. It’s easier than you think – especially with my room-by- room, clutter-busting suggestions.

Now before you hyperventilate, please let me reassure you that you won’t have to part with anything you use and love. I promise. 🙂

Note: If you started with 52 Organizing Missions at Week 1 and Filled a Hu-uge Trash Bag, it’s been a couple of months since that mission – so now’s a good time to take another stab at stuff reduction.

And remember – it is only 30 minutes.


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2 thoughts on “Mission 8: Declutter 50 Items

  1. terryl1776@yahoo.com says:

    Our group responses are as follows to de-clutter. We are also making alternate suggestions:
    De-clutter the Living Areas: Trash the following: Newspapers; old coasters; Magazines; unloved photos; tatty cardigans and socks; threadbare or stained cushions, throws, rugs, junk mail upon receipt, etc. and dead pot plants
    Alternate Suggestions/Repurpose:Newspaper clippings; magazine articles; etc. can be placed in a scrapbook or notebook with acetate sheets with 3 hole ring or use photo albums; Books you’ve read and won’t re-read, or will never read donate to local library or local book club.1st Edition books I would keep as their value will go up; Keep plant pots to repurpose
    Recycle: glass; cans; cardboard; plastic bottles; soda bottles and items that are recyclable [no trash in recyclables]
    Donate; Sell/Repurpose:Videos, cassettes, computer floppies, camera film; storage device for which you no longer have hardware = donate educational facilities; local library; thrift stores or sell online at eBay; repurpose picture frames or donate to nonprofit art facility; Knickknacks you don’t love or donate or sell at local Thrift store
    De-clutter the Kitchen: Trash the following: Expired pantry items; old yucky utensils; chipped, stained crockery and dishes; Take-out menus for places you don’t order from
    Alternate Suggestions/Repurpose:Keep Photos on the fridge that is special to you; If does not alter the function keep if it’s usable for Broken appliances; rusty or ancient pots and pans: if cleanable and safe to use keep; otherwise trash
    Donate; Sell/Repurpose:Recipes and recipe books you haven’t used in the past 12 monthsdonate to a local cooking club; Knickknacks you don’t love re-gift or donate or sell on e-Bay or local consignment shop
    De-clutter the Closets, Drawers & Storage Areas: Trash the following:Tatty bed linen; Tatty underwear, pajamas and t-shirts; Old, broken toys; jewelry missing jewels and/or parts; shoes beyond use or repair;Decorations and seasonal items in poor condition:if not fixable trash
    De-clutter the Home Office/Study: Trash the following: Junk mail upon receipt; old lamps; chairs and other equipment in poor condition
    Keep:Keep current bills writing date paid and confirmation number?Keep receipts until you balance your bank account; Keep your weekly grocery store ad until expired.
    Alternate Suggestion/Donate/Sell:Defunct phones, computers, cells, PDAs etc (check for disposal info with your local council) check your local grocery stores they have cell phone machine where they will purchase old cell phones; computers can be donated to be refurbished and resold for a small fee to low income people; Abandoned craft, knitting, scrapbooking and other projects and the various accompanying supplies, storage containers, etc. Craft projects are good during the winter months; only keep the ones of interest to you. Other crafts can be donated to a local nonprofit art group.Old notebooks not needed for reference:Periodically review your reference material. If outdated and not of use to you trash the contents but keep the notebook for future use. School or college notes (unless you recently graduated): Keep the books and notes of interest to you to keep your skills up to date.
    De-clutter the Bathroom: Trash the following expired products:Toiletries & makeup do have expiration dates including Medications. Empty or old/expired toiletries and bath products! Tatty towels! Old or yucky make-up! Old perfumes and lotions!

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